Glo’s Online Yoga Promoting Physical Well-Being In Digital Space

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Physical well-being has become a priority for many people in recent years. As more people get informed on the benefits of being in their best physical state, the more people are looking to join this movement. As an experienced yoga instructor, my mission has been to help people achieve a state of physical well-being and be able to maintain it. 

Today, thanks to technology, a lot of things are changing, and the practice of yoga also is. In contrast to before when you had to be physically present in at the yoga gym, today you can very easily enroll for online yoga. Glo is leading the path in this digital yoga revolution. Today, I advise most of my clients who due to different reasons don't find it suitable to come to the gym to try taking yoga classes online. Most of these clients have gotten back to me especially those who choose to enroll at Glo with numerous positive reviews. 

Why Go With Glo? 

As a yoga instructor, Glo stands out as an online yoga platform in numerous ways. This is the reason most of the people I have referred to the platform have always gotten back to me with positive reviews. Here is why I would advise you to choose this platform in particular. 

The Free Trial 

Unlike most of the other online platforms that are always just after your money and not your well- being, Glo offers new members a 15-day free trial. This free trial means that you can be able to experience the platform in its full form without having to make any huge financial commitment. In the free trial, you get treated just like any other client on the platform who has bought a subscription. You get guided on which is the best path to take in your physical well-being endeavor. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can take my word for it that this platform has all you need. 

The Best Yoga Instructors 

Glo takes the quality of lessons available on their platform seriously. They put a lot of effort just to make sure that you as a client get the best lessons yoga lessons you can find online. This online yoga platform prides itself in having the well-experienced and certified tutors. This platform has thousands of video lessons from tutors who are known to be among the top yoga instructors. Some of these tutors are even professors in this field. 

Glo's Top Yoga Classes On Flexibility 

A big part of doing yoga to promote your physical well-being is achieving flexibility. With the top instructors providing you with yoga lessons, you can expect to accomplish this sooner rather than later. Here is my expert opinion on the best flexibility classes on Glo

Morning Flexibility With Tara Judelle 

This is a class that focuses on slow movements that usher your body into the right state of fluidity and flexibility for the day. This class takes a keen interest in paschimottanasana, and upavisthakonasana bends. There is also gomukhasana and baddhakonasana hip openers. You will need a blanket, strap and two blocks for this. 

Hips And Legs Flexibility By Jo Tastula 

This class focusses on seated and reclined postures. These postures are aimed at bringing flexibility to the hips and legs. You need a strap, a sitting block and blanket for this. 

Flexibility And Grace Deep Release By Taylor Harkness 

This online yoga class seeks to cultivate flexibility and grace. This practice works by decompressing and relaxing your hips. You need a bolster, a strap and two blocks for this class. 

I hope you take this yoga classes during one of your sessions as they will significantly help in promoting your well-being. Your flexibility, strength, balance, core, and energy will all improve after these online yoga classes!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Glo's online yoga classes to promote physical well-being in the digital space on a frugal budget.

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