Guide To Start A Mindful Meditation Routine At Home

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If you want to start a mindful meditation routine at home, it can be as simple as a few easy steps. There’s no need to have a fancy yoga studio or an entire room dedicated to the pursuit of inner peace. All it takes is a quiet space, time, patience, and a little guided practice. It's a practice of mind over matter, so you can bring the peace and serenity of meditation wherever you go. 

Meditation Moments

Mindful meditation is a way to become more aware of what is happening present moment. It allows you to think about the here and now, instead of thinking about your past frustration or future anxieties. Meditating can help reduce stress, boost your mood, improve your focus, and become more centered. 

Crystal Clear Meditations

When it comes to meditation results, you want to maximize your efforts and time. You an also use healing crystals to supplement and amplify your mindful meditations. Visit how to cleanse moldavite to get started with a top healing crystal for your meditations and mental cleansing.

Begin By Setting Aside A Time And Place To Meditate 

It can be a sunny corner of your living room, a spot in the backyard, or even a park bench. You could even take the time to create a meditation space in your home. Wherever you choose, be sure the area is free of stressors and distractions. Take time to declutter and schedule any necessary home repairs before you begin the practice. 

Wear Comfortable Clothing 

Anything you would use to practice yoga is fine, but unlike yoga, your clothes do not have to cling. If you prefer to incorporate movement into your meditation such as walking, stretching or yoga poses, feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable moving around in. There is no wrong way to meditate! If you have time, you could put on a mindfulness audio recording to guide you (this is especially useful for beginners who may not know where to start). Light a candle or rub some lotion on your pulse points to inhale a calming scent. 

Start By Taking Some Long, Slow Deep Breaths 

Notice your breathing—is your heart beating fast or slowly? How has your day been so far? Take note of emotions that come up and try to let them pass you by, without getting fixated on any of them. This takes a lot of practice, so do not become discouraged if at first you find this very difficult. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you keep becoming distracted, count your breaths - inhale for three counts, hold for four counts, and exhale for six or seven counts. This should put you in a state of relaxation and mindful peace. 

Use Some Kind Of Imagery To Focus On 

A popular one is to imagine a river flowing slowly, and to drop your problems like pebbles in the river. If this sounds too New Age for you, just picture the river or waves in the ocean. Anything calming and repetitive will have the desired effect while meditating. 

Don’t Give Up - Master Meditation

It can take a very long time to actually become “good” at meditation, but any attempt is still progress. Follow these tips and you’ll have a home meditation routine before you know it. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about a simple guide for starting a mindful meditation routine at home or while traveling.

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