5 Arse Kicking Strategies To Stick To Your Diet And Get Fit

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Whether you are trying your best to lose that extra flab from your pouch, or you are training five times a week to get back at an ex, there are certain basic principles that can help you out to reach your fitness goals faster. Although the so-called "magic pill" or a quick formula does not exist, there are a couple of key tips to ensure that can be beneficial when aiming for the most sustainable results. So, if you are interested in getting back into shape and being on the right track to becoming the best version of yourself, then here are the top 5 arse kicking strategies to stick to your diet and get fit. 

1. Find Your Motivation And Embrace It 

When asked "what is your motivation to work out?", most people give the plainest answer "I want to get skinny". Do not get this wrong, there is nothing wrong with not having a more elaborate answer! Nevertheless, if you do not have a more powerful motivation to wake up early or push yourself when you are not feeling like working out, then you might quickly give up and fall off of the fitness bandwagon. So, instead of worrying about what other gym goers think of you, or telling yourself that you do not belong in the gym, try to find a strong motivation to show up and get things done. If working out solely for your own benefits does not excite you, then reach out to your loved ones and consider getting fit for them. It is certain that every little girl or boy on planet Earth wants a healthy and fit mom or dad. 

2. Keep Your Diet In Check 

One of the most common misconceptions outside of the fitness community is the frequent saying that sticking to a healthier lifestyle is hard and time-consuming. Instead of ordering all those expensive weight-loss pills and detox programs online, try doing some research on the topic of eating healthy and actually enjoying the process. Of course, changing your harmful eating habits can be quite daunting and it is certain that changes will not come overnight. Instead of going all out and restricting yourself, consider taking it one step at a time and slowly making progress. For example, if you struggle with constantly snacking and hunger, then try out meal prep. Preparing your meals in advance and storing them in a container is an excellent way to have grab-and-go options when running low on time. If you still cannot manage to cook in bulk, then reach out to companies such as My Muscle Chef to ensure that you always have a healthy option instead of running to the junk food store. Plus, you can easily choose your own custom meals and have them delivered to your home address. So, sit back and relax! 

3. Reward Yourself 

There is nothing better than treating yourself after a long week of working out hard and eating right. Nevertheless, most people think of cheat meals or worse-cheat days to reward themselves for keeping motivated and inspired throughout the week. The issue with this approach is that the junk food usually consumed on cheat days can easily add up in calories, thus hindering your fitness goals. Instead choose a different method of indulging, like for example treating yourself to a spa day or going shopping. Also, try to avoid celebrating weight loss milestones with booze and constant partying! Whilst there is nothing wrong with a glass of red wine, alcohol is considered one of the greatest enemies when it comes to reaching your desired goals. So, get a massage, a new tattoo, or go to a football game with your friends! 

4. Make It A Self-Care Habit 

The subject of whether it is better to go to the gym at the same time every day or just whenever you are free is quite debatable among fitness enthusiasts. However, a lot of gym goers swear by choosing to show up for your workouts at the same time daily. One of the main reasons why this approach is better is due to the fact that it requires a lot less motivation, and a regular workout routine will turn into a habit more quickly. On the flip side, if you decide to go whenever you are free, there is a high chance of skipping the gym to do other things instead. Plus, by keeping to a regular schedule, you are allowing your muscles to recover properly. 

5. Have A Plan 

The number one reason why people fail to remain consistent with their workouts is due to the lack of a well-designed plan. So, instead of just showing up to the gym and doing whatever comes to your mind, try to look up a couple of exercises at home and arrive with a ready-made plan. For example, one of the most popular ways to work out is to do upper-lower split training. This approach has tons of benefits, such as allowing you to hit every muscle group twice a week. Also, add in compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges to work out your entire body! 

Be Strong And Stick To Your Diet

In summary, remember to practice self-discipline and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve fitness wise. Most importantly, have fun with it because we are rooting for you!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about arse kicking strategies to stick to your diet and get fit for life!

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