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Endurance athletes are some of the toughest warriors on the planet. They power through endless miles in marathons, cycle across distances we consider long drives, swim the length of lakes, row for eons, and ski for ages. Even the cardio warriors at the gym can accomplish some impressive feats on their path to weight loss and better fitness levels. Cardiovascular exercise is proven to reduce heart disease, reduce hypertension, strengthen lungs, and burn bodyfat among countless other benefits. And it doesn't have to be limited to just treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. 

That is why Frugal Fitness has all of the cardiovascular training blog posts and resources you need. Enjoy the growing number of articles on endurance training and cardio below from several professionals from around the world:

- Marathon Training Time & Tempo 

- 5 Health Benefits Of Cross-Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing 

- Insane Incline Treadmill Training Torture 

- Tips To Add Daily Cycling Into Your Life

- How To Run Back To Back Marathons 

- Should I Use The Treadmill Or Elliptical For Cardio?

- Why Swimming Is A Great Workout 

- 2 Hellaciously Hard Hill Training Workouts

- Body Weight Plyometric Total Body Cardio

Does High Intensity Interval Training Work Better Than Cardio?

Get Off The Treadmill And Do This Cardio Instead 

- 4 Muscle Burning Cardio Movements That Build Muscle 

- Hills Are Your Friends When You're Running!

- Stairway To Heaven: Stairclimber Cardio Cross-Training

Endurance Athletes Performance Nutrition Basics 

- Marathon Running & Pregnancy 

- How To Increase Bike Speed For Cycling Workouts

- Frugal Fitness Multiple Marathons & Moderation 

- Epic Elliptical Insanity Wild Workout

- Should You Associate Or Dissociate While Running?  

- Go Beyond Basic Cardio & Add These Training Techniques

- Winter Runs Build Character! 

- How To Exercise Outdoors 

- Total Body Training To Balance Out Biking

- Tips To Compliment Your Cardio With The Power Of Pilates 

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