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Most of the famous fashion brands and fitness clothing companies of today have their own dedicated Instagram team. This team is vested with a specific job which is to reach out to more and more people, targeted and beyond, to enhance their business prospects. This can ideally be done when there is an increased number of organic traffic to a website and Instagram is the best platform that provides fit and fashionable businesses with such an opportunity. 

The primary reason that most of the major fashion brands choose Instagram over other social media channels available is that it is essentially a photo and video sharing app. There is less or no text that can make things boring to the visitors. Other reasons for its preference over other channels are: 

• There are a large number of active monthly users of this platform to a staggering 1 billion worldwide users

• There are lots of photos and videos shared by the users every day which the followers for Instagram looks to make a theory buying decision and 

• Since this is a platform that can be accessed through smartphone fashion brands can reach out to a large number of audience virtually anytime and on the move. 

That means Instagram enables the brands to establish an easy and instant connect with users all over the globe. This is essentially important for any brand that wants to showcase its product in an international stage and to do business on a global scale. 

Moreover, the fact that it is a photo sharing platform, the brands can make a better impression as compared to the text which has a strong chance of the meaning of the message being lost in the process. 

This also means the users will get exactly what they are looking for. With the carefully designed posts and captions and well-paced and attractive links, the users can be easily encouraged if not enticed to click on it directing them to the official website. This, in turn, will increase the number of organic traffic to the website eventually. 

Use For Various Purpose 

Simply by sharing the photos and videos that are related to the product the fashion brands and fitness clothing lines can make the best use of this platform for varied purposes. A few of these are: 

• The marketing management of different upcoming events 

• Organizing the fashion shows independently or in any specific festival 

• Reach out to even those people who could not be present in the live event 

• Gather feedback and opinions instantly as people will not have to wait for the fashion magazines to come up a few months later with a report of the event and much more. 

All they have to do is ensure that they use the best photos of the events or the fitness fashion products that will help the users to connect with it easily. This will help them to make a buying decision or to do business with the brand pretty fast reducing the wait time of the fashion brands to make a sale and thereby increase its business revenue. 

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Distinct Instagram Strategy 

Another significant aspect of Instagram is that it comes with a lot of useful features and tools for fashion companies and influencers that allow the marketers especially to formulate a better and distinct Instagram strategy to reach out to more and more people. When this strategy is blended with their social media marketing strategy the final outcome quite naturally is exceptional and often beyond imagination. 

• Since this platform is used by most major and luxury fashion brands if you use it too you will automatically fall into this niche bracket even if you are new to this field and your product are a tad less than exquisite. 

• In addition to that when you follow such a distinct Instagram strategy it will make your brand unique as well depending on the style. Apart from being the product and sales are driven, the platform and its strategy will help you to provide your users with the best experience so that they can soon become your followers and immerse in your product. 

• You will also be able to showcase the exclusive and unique image of your brand along with its heritage. You can keep it updated and interesting for each particular season with the selection and changes in images and videos you wish to incorporate. 

• You can gain the best results and highest traffic either by following Instagram strategies that is similar to that of other fashion brands or create your own strategy by incorporating a mixture of your brand stories and your collection of products for showcasing your artistic skills in both forms. 

The most significant factor and feature of Instagram is that it allows you to engage influencers who can be a celebrity or even your common follower. However, if you do get access and permission to use a celebrity as an influencer of your brand and product, the number of followers you will gain along with the popularity due to the already existing large number of followers of the celeb is unexplainable. It will surely increase the traffic to your site manifolds. 

Make An Exception And Example 

In most of the times when a brand, especially a fashion brand or fitness clothing line resorts only to any other forms of marketing without incorporating Instagram advertising and other digital marketing strategies they are often found to be outstripped by other players in this highly competitive fashion industry. 

• On the contrary, when you use carefully designed Instagram strategies you will be better off especially when the beauty and fashion brands have different accounts that needs to be aggregated. This is because the Interbrand ranking almost always reflects on Instagram thereby facilitating the chances of increased traffic. 

• In addition to that, you may know that the internet is commonly associated with a diaspora of business brands and therefore it is essentially required to make an exception and lead by example. Having said this, you can make exceptions by using images and posts that will add some over and above the weight of your product. 

Follow Famous Fashion Forward

With all these possibilities and benefits, it will be unwise to overlook Instagram strategy and expect a high footfall to your fashion site for fitness clothing company. Keep your fit Instagram advertising strategy a top priority and your fashion line will sell.

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