9 Tips Before Buying Hemp CBD Oil Online

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CBD products are a booming industry. In fact, people spent more than $4 million on hemp-based CBDs last year alone.

And they’re only getting more popular.

This sounds like a good thing. But with increased demand for CBDs comes an increase in the number of manufacturers producing tinctures, oils, concentrates, and edibles.

Which begs the question, how do you find a high-quality product when you have thousands to choose from? Before you buy CBD oil online, make sure you follow these simple tips.

1. Look for Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

There are two main types of CBD oils available: full-spectrum and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products contain beneficial cannabinoids and nutrients from the entire plant. CBD isolate is just that—isolated CBD and nothing else.

Though many people see benefits from CBD isolate tinctures and oils, most prefer full-spectrum products.

Why? Because hemp plants have many types of cannabinoids, not just CBD. These cannabinoids help your body get the full benefit of the CBD and process it completely.

2. Pay Attention to the Source

There are CBD products made in almost every country around the world. But many of those countries don’t have manufacturing regulations to ensure their products are high-quality and safe for human use.

When in doubt, always look for CBD products made domestically. Hemp farmers, CBD manufacturers, and retail stores all have to adhere to strict quality standards before they can sell their products.

This helps guarantee that you’re getting pure CBD oil and won’t have to worry about the products having unwanted contaminants, toxins, heavy metals, or other substances that make the tinctures unsafe.

3. Make Sure It’s Produced From Hemp

Marijuana products are legal in several states. And many manufacturers of CBD products operate in those states. But the CBD oil they produce may not be legal in your state.

CBD oil is only legal if it’s produced from hemp, not cannabis. Before you purchase anything online, make sure it’s CBD derived from hemp.

If you buy CBD products derived from marijuana, you’re buying something that’s considered illegal in most states. If you’re caught in possession of it, you could face hefty fines or even jail time.

4. Look at the Extraction Methods Used

There are many ways to distill CBD from hemp plants. But they don’t all work to preserve the quality of the oil.

When shopping, look for products that advertise CO2 extraction methods. These preserve the purity and strength of the CBD product and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

5. Check the Concentration

Quality products will always advertise their CBD concentration. And most will also have a suggested dosage amount on the label. This helps you pinpoint the amount you need to take to see any benefit.

But more importantly, it shows that the manufacturer controls the production and tests for potency in each batch. Without the concentration, you don’t know what you’re buying and determining how much to take is almost impossible.

Just remember that you'll have to take less CBD oil if it has a higher concentration of CBDs. And as a general rule, always start with the smallest possible dose and work your way up as needed.

6. Read Up on the Company

CBD manufacturers aren’t all alike. But the great ones will have stellar reviews online.

Before you order, do a bit of research and see what others are saying about the product itself. Then, check the reputation of the company you’re ordering from.

If most people like what they buy and report great customer service from the company, you’ll likely experience the same. But if people report issues with the products or had trouble with the retailer before, keep shopping.

7. Make Sure It’s Priced Fairly

With CBD oil, you do get what you pay for. Higher quality products made with great ingredients and distilled in a way that won’t decrease the effectiveness of the tincture cost more.

But that doesn’t mean it should be incredibly expensive. Look at other products on the market. If similar tinctures sell for similar amounts, the price is likely fair. If not, keep shopping.

That said, don’t base your decision solely on price. A cheap tincture may save you money, but it won’t be as good for you.

8. Watch for Additives

Many CBD products get diluted with oils or alcohols and some have natural flavors that can cause problems.

Always check the ingredient list for foods or additives you’re allergic to. If you can’t find the ingredients list on a CBD oil product, reach out to the manufacturer.

Many cannabidiol distributors are more than happy to give you the information you need to make the right purchase. If the manufacturer won’t help you, keep looking.

9. Think About What You Want It to Do Before You Buy

Before you buy your first CBD product, think about why you’re using it. Are you looking for a way to relieve anxiety or are you looking for a topical solution to help relieve muscle tension?

There are dozens of ways to take your CBD oil, but some oils will be better suited for different uses. For example, an unscented tincture is great for adding to lotions but a flavored oil will be better for taking orally.

Final Thoughts On Hemp CBD Oils

Before you buy CBD for the first time, make sure you do your research. And don’t rush into a purchase just because you want to try something.

There are tons of products out there to choose from. And it can take a little time to find the right one for your needs.

Still have questions about where to start with CBD products? Check out our recent posts for more helpful info on using CBDs, cannabis, and hemp-derived products.

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