4 Top Places To Buy Legal Cannabis

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Cannabis has become big business in just a few short years. Some estimates peg the market at almost $150 billion in the next decade.

Of course, those numbers assume the trend toward weed legalization will continue. Global attitudes seem to be changing. It’s possible more countries and states will legalize cannabis.

Where can you find legal cannabis right now? This guide highlights all the places you can buy and use legal weed.

Canada Is a Hotspot for Legal Cannabis

The US’s northern neighbor legalized weed several years ago now. There was plenty of drama leading up to the new law taking effect. You can now legally buy and use cannabis everywhere in the Great White North.

Americans may want to note that planning a road trip to Canada may not be the best way to get your weed. Cannabis is still illegal at the federal level in the US. Crossing a border with it or using it in Canada is still a felony for American citizens.

Your Mileage May Vary in Latin America

There’s a wide range of cannabis policies in various countries of Latin America. Uruguay became the first Western country to completely decriminalize weed.

That means it’s legal to buy it, sell it, and grow pot.

Other Latin American countries have made moves to legalize personal use of cannabis. Colombia, for example, allows personal cultivation and use. Argentina legalized recreational possession nearly a decade ago, although you can’t grow or sell marijuana.

Plan a European Tour to These Countries

Amsterdam is probably the most famous destination when it comes to legal cannabis. The Dutch capital has enjoyed a law that allows people to smoke in cafes for decades. A new government bill suggests The Netherlands might move to full legalization of pot.

Belgium allows people to enjoy up to three grams, provided they’re the legal age for marijuana. Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001. It’s been legal to use cannabis there for almost 20 years.

Catalonia, a region in Spain, legalized smoking pot in clubs. Switzerland also legalized small amounts. You can even grow marijuana plants if you want.

Stick Closer to Home

As we noted, trying to cross borders with weed or after using it could cause problems for Americans. Luckily, there are plenty of options closer to home.

There have been more weed-friendly states in recent years. California, Alaska, and Colorado allow legal weed. So do Maine, Michigan, and Massachusetts. Oklahoma just voted to legalize Mary Jane as well.

Nevada has also legalized marijuana, although there are a few rules to keep in mind. It's a great idea to read more before you pack your bags and head to Vegas so you can use cannabis with confidence.

Discover CBD for Your Fitness

Advocates around the world are pushing for more places to buy and use legal cannabis. Some of those places are right here in the US, where more states are decriminalizing marijuana

The popular cannabinoid CBD is already legalized in the US.

Given this, some people feel it’s just a matter of time for weed legalization USA wide.

Once you find legal cannabis, you might wonder about its benefits. Check out our blog to find out how cannabis and the compounds in it like CBD and THC could help you. Cannabis might be key to better health.

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