Are Distracting Smartphones Affecting Your Workouts?

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In a world where mobile electronic devices outnumber how many humans are living, it's fair to say humanity has reached a critical moment in its evolution.

As technology gets more and more advanced, we have learned how to do amazing health-related things with our cell phones such as track our fitness, look up great nutrition tips or find the best gyms out there.

But another effect of smartphones is driving humans in the other direction: we become less and less active the more we use smartphones. 

Are the disadvantages of smartphones beginning to outweigh the benefits we derive from them? 

Disadvantages of Smartphones

From the dinner table to the bedroom, all the way to the gym, cell phone usage is making an adverse impact that will result in your undoing if you aren't careful.

But what exactly do smartphones cause us to do that is so awful?

After all, how could doing simple, silly activities such as social media surfing or playing fantasy football be so serious?

Well, let's take a look at some facts.

90% of Americans own smartphones

Think about that for a moment. 9 out of 10 people you meet will own a smartphone. Can you think of any other device or product that 90% of the population has or uses?

The simple fact that such a massive proportion of society has and utilizes smartphones is quite an indicator of just how powerful the allure of smartphones can be.

67% of smartphone users admit to checking their phone when no notification or ring was felt or heard

The notion that an individual would check to see if something is on their phone without any reason to believe there would be is troubling.

Those who are prone to check their phone compulsively may have a smartphone addiction.

Other signs and symptoms of a cell phone addiction

There is a seemingly never-ending list of signs and symptoms of a cell phone addiction, but the major ones include:

  • Multiple failing attempts to curb cell phone usage
  • Constant usage of cell phone, even in inappropriate circumstances
  • A burning "need" to use the cell phone
  • Putting work or relationships at risk due to an inability to curb cell phone usage
  • Infatuation with the latest and greatest cell phones
  • Often talking only about cell phone related topics

While this all sounds scary, you can keep it in check when it comes to your fitness.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you keep up with your workout routine, by putting the phone down and picking those weights up.

Avoiding Excessive Cell Phone Usage At The Gym

Make your exercise a cell phone free environment - The simplest and likely best way to avoid using your cell phone during a workout is to simply not have it on you. If you don't have the phone, you cannot overuse it!

Get an app that stops you from using other apps - I know, I know: incredibly ironic, but nonetheless effective! There are apps out there that limit your ability to use apps and browsing features during specific times of the day. This allows you to move through your workout in peace and avoid all those pesky, distracting notifications.

Change your smartphone settings so you don't get distracted - This is a great method if you need your phone but are prone to overuse it. While still having the ability to call and text, you can change your settings so that notifications from social media and apps are turned off, making you less likely to get lured in by your cell phone.

Stay Up To Date On Fitness, Fashion, & More

While the disadvantages of smartphones are numerous and frightening, it is possible to avoid the alluring beeps of your smartphone by having the right attitude and a few handy tools.

If you like fitness and health, take a look at our workouts page, where we have all kinds of varying workouts for both men and women.

Whether your niche is weight loss, bodybuilding, or even if you simply enjoy healthy cooking, we have something for you!

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