Tips To Find A Magician For An Event In Toronto

how to hire the right magician for event kids birthday party

You are looking to hire a magician for some event you have planned at your office or home. Well, congratulations for thinking out of the box. But only if you get the right professional magician, will your event be a success. 

In the following article, we have listed all the essential tips that you need to consider before hiring a magician. Always keep in mind to hire an expert and experienced act like the Durgy Spade Toronto magician. 

So, let us have a look at the tips. 

Understanding What You Want 

You need to make sure what kind of magician you are looking for. Kid's entertainment and corporate events are different. So is the taste of magic for a grown-up and kids. A bit of online search and you are set since most of the websites for a magic act service lists their specialties. 

Your Location Matters 

You need to look for a local act to ensure that you do not go overboard your budget. If you are looking into a favorite act from another state of residence, make sure that your budget will allow for the transport, food, and lodging of your professional magician. 

Leverage The Internet And Search Engines 

The quick internet search will list magic acts in your locality by the scores. So, how to select the right one for your event? All you need is to visit the websites and talk with your professional or just read through the user or customer ratings and reviews to make sure you go with an expert act. 

Ways You Can Hire A Magician 

From Booking Portals 

There are booking portals all over the internet where you can request the single or multiple acts depending on your budget. All you need to do is submit your phone number, but keep in mind that the screening process is entirely up to you. 

From Talent Agencies 

You can leverage the different talent agencies over the internet to get a professional magician for your event. These agencies cater to big names and celebrities, so you can never go wrong when you go with this option. 

From Certified Event Planners 

Additionally, you can delegate the entire event to a professional event planning and management service who will make sure that the choice of an entertainer is perfect with respect to the nature and type of the audience. 

Watch The Videos 

These days most of the magic acts are on video streaming sites. Ensure the professionalism and entertainment factor of the magician. For the most careful consideration, all you need to do is check their performances on the video streaming sites. 

Make A Shortlist 

Keep a shortlist handy of at least five different performers when hiring a real magic professional. Judge the acts on the following parameters. 

- Locality 
- Expenditure 
- Entertainment with respect to the act and presentation of the magic. 

Make Magic Happen

After you have gone over these considerations carefully, pick up the phone and talk to the professional personally. This is the best way to judge a character. Negotiate your end and talk over all the details. Best of luck making magic happen during your parenting and even planning!

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