Top Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations That Fit Your Budget

top eco-friendly travel destinations best traveling spots fit budget

For today’s travellers, responsible, eco-tourism has become a trending topic and for all the best reasons. In the efforts to preserve our planet and all the plant and wildlife, more and more countries around the world are stepping up their game and are now offering unique green travel experiences that not only broaden the horizons of tourists but also do greater good for our environment. 

Here are the most sought-after eco-friendly destinations to visit on your next green holiday adventure. 


Switzerland is a country that keeps neutral grounds when it comes to world conflicts, but it's far from neutral when it comes to natural beauties and eco-friendly tourism. Being one of the leaders in the world of solar energy, Switzerland has most of its hotels and even 90% of its ski lifts powered by the sun. 

As a travel destination with amazing landscapes, beautiful lakes, quaint little villages and the majestic Alps, Switzerland is equally popular in summer and in winter. Whether you're after a historic and cultural experience, or you're having a family vacation, consider contacting Switzerland Travel Connection to assist you in customizing your holiday adventure. 


Australia has been continuously deploying its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint and coal dependence. The goal is to have its 1/5 ofthe country’s energy to come from solar, wind and geothermal sources by 2020. With a wide choice of fascinating destinations, such as the world- famous Great Barrier Reef,Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park and Gondwana Rainforest, Australia keeps topping the world lists of popular eco-destinations that offer environmentally friendly accommodation and numerous sustainable practices such as LED lighting, composting, recycling, c and authentic, locally sourced food. 


Norwegians are famous for having a mindset of collective sustainability and everyone is passionate about working towards preserving the environment, so as a country, they’ve already taken a significant spot on the world map of eco-friendly destinations with its jaw-dropping fjords, gorgeous landscapes and amazing Northern Lights. 

There are a few incredible attractions that stand out amongst the rest: the Golden Road - famous for its beautiful landscapes and eco-friendly activities, Geilo – a town nestled right between two gorgeous national parks near Oslo and Svalbard Islands – pure, unspoiled places with fantastic views of Aurora Borealis. 

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world, well-known for its eco-friendly practices. One of the top priorities of Costa Rican business enterprises and residents is protecting the country’s large biodiversity so there are numerous green places for everyone’s taste. 

One place that truly stands out among its famous eco-friendly destinations is the Osa Peninsula, a secluded tropical paradise located in an eco-sustainable area, off the beaten path but still tourist- friendly. Its entire programme of accommodation, activities and guided tours is run with minimal impact on the environment and positive footprint on the local communities. 


Thailand has faced a lot of criticism in the sphere of responsible tourism, mostly regarding animal welfare. However, in the recent years, the country has made significant progress to recover from this and establish itself on the world map of environmentally conscious destinations. 

It’s still wise to book your travel to these areas with precaution, but the vast majority of tourist centres are improving so you’ll be able to enjoy your visit to rehabilitation centres for wildlife, especially elephants. 

Time To Travel

With the help of these suggestions for the most popular eco-conscious destinations, you’ll be able to find inspiration for your upcoming travels! Start saving up your green, it's time to travel while going green!

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