5 Workouts You Can Do On The Floor

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You probably spend your whole day and whole time relaxing on your floor watching Netflix movies for at least 4 hours. Pretty sure that it is hard to get up and start something as the floor might probably be the best place nest. On the other hand, your other side of the brain is wanting to drag you to the fitness gym to tear some muscles and squeeze some sweat. 

Indeed, floors are really for our comfort, especially when you buy floors during the flooring sale at Dallas Flooring Warehouse. Hence, there are a bunch of workouts that you can easily do with the comfort of your floor. You can make your home flooring your best fitness buddy and remove laziness in your entire body. 

It is high time to enjoy what your home floor can do for you. It is not just an object you can step on during the day, party at night, or nesting place during idle time. Your floor can help you build your healthy lifestyle. Take these bunches of workouts that you can easily do at home. 

workouts on the floor exercise gym mat bodyweight training flooring

Glute Bridges For The Perfect Butt 

Glute bridges are best to form your butt ideally. It allows you to stay lying on your back. Fit for your lazy day. The exercise will work on your butt muscles and hamstring while simultaneously giving strength to your lower back for the improvement of your hip mobility. You can do this by lifting your hips and crank out for counts and sets. It is better if you at least 3 to 5 sets to improve strength and endurance. 

Eagle Crunches To Feel The Fat Burning 

The exercise is like standard crunches, but with a twist. You can do this by laying down with your back flat on the floor. Then lift your feet off the ground, wrap your left leg over the top and under your right leg. Wrap your arms together then lift with your abs and bring your elbows and knees together before your lower down your back. 

The Superman Exercise 

The Superman Exercise engages your abdomen and strengthens your back. For beginners that do not have enough back strength, you can incorporate this to your daily routine. 

To do this, you start by lying face down on a mat or in a flat surface, outstretch your arms and keep them straight throughout the exercise. Raise your hand and legs at about 4-5 inches off from the ground and hold for five seconds before returning to starting position. 

Frog Lifts For A Lower Body Challenge 

The Frog Lift exercise is like you are taking a nap. The pulsing movement will work your entire lower body, and you'll be bound to break a sweat. 

To do this, start by staying facedown, bend your knees out to the sides and you can place the ball between feet. Then bend your elbows, stack hands, and rest your forehead on your hands. Then start to engage your abs and raise your head, chest, arms, and legs off the floor while holding the ball tightly. 

Lying Half Jacks To Improve Shoulder Work 

The lying half jack exercise is useful to work on the shoulders, abs, and the butt. The exercise is just only taking the jumping jack exercise while lying on your mat. 

To do this, start by lying on the floor or gym mat on your right side and let your torso prop-up on your right elbow. Extend your left arm straight up to give you touch your left toes. You have to make your left leg turn inward so that your toes remain pointed down. Then start to lower your left arm to about 45 degrees while you are raising your left leg. This time your toes should be pointing downward.

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