Duck Hunting Gear: 7 Essentials Beginner Hunters Need to Get Started

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Duck hunting has a long and proud tradition. However, if you're going to try your hand at waterfowl hunting, you need to make sure you have the right duck hunting gear.

It's not always easy to know the essentials that you need to get started as a duck hunter. Check out our list below!

1. Shotgun

It's obvious that you need a shotgun to get started. Many duck hunters claim that you need to purchase a special waterfowl shotgun. 

However, any shotgun is fine for beginners. You should probably search for a pump or semi-automatic shotgun rather than a double barrel gun though.

Additionally, you should get a 12-gauge gun. However, for close-range shots, 20 gauge is also suitable. However, if you already own a shotgun, you don't need to buy a new one to get started. 

If you are using a hunting rifle instead, don't forget to add the scope to your gun for better accuracy. 

2. Hunting Jacket

If you're serious about duck hunting, you need to buy a hunting jacket. This can give you a better chance of getting a decent shot at your target.

Of course, the best hunting jackets are camouflaged according to your surroundings.

This may change from season to season. For example, greens for spring and summer, browns for fall and winter.

You also want to ensure that you have a matching hat and a pair of gloves for the colder temperatures. Ensure the gloves are waterproof for rainy weather too.

3. Waders

If you're planting decoys and collecting targets, you need to wear waders to keep your clothes dry. There's nothing fun about getting soaking wet when duck hunting. 

4. Nontoxic Shells

By law, you're only permitted to hunt ducks with non-toxic shells.

You don't necessarily need to buy anything expensive. But, ensure that you're not breaking the rules. Just go for any modern steel shells to be on the safe side. 

5. A Bunch of Duck Decoys 

You don't always need duck decoys. However, it can significantly help you when you first get started as a hunter.

You don't have to buy too many decoys either. Just a few duck decoys can help you to attract targets.

The best type of duck decoy is a mallard. They're effective for any duck species targets. 

6. Duck Calls 

You also need a couple of duck calls. You should especially ensure you have a whistle to sound out targets.

It's also handy to own a mallard call. This is the duck call that appeals to almost any duck species.  

7. Something to Pass the Time

You need to be patient while you're duck hunting. Anything to pass the time can help you stay motivated during a tough hunt.

Many duck hunters enjoy this vaping collection while they're hiding out. You need to decide what's your distraction to keep you occupied.

Duck Hunting Gear Essentials

Duck hunting can be a great outdoor activity. However, if you don't have the right duck hunting gear, you'll miss out on the fun.

Once you have everything on our essentials list, you're ready to head to the water for an afternoon of waterfowl hunting. 

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