Olive Oil Is The Healthiest Oil In The World: Here’s Why You Should Switch To It

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There are primarily two kinds of fats which can be simply divided as good fat and bad fat. Although it is an oversimplification of a very complicated part of dietary science, the differentiation is more or less accurate still. Olive oil consists largely of the good fat and there is just no other oil that is healthier to cook with than olive oil. To illustrate why health-conscious people often switch to only eating food prepared with olive oil, let’s get into the details. 

The Easy Availability Of EVOO 

There was a time when high quality, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) was not easily available. It was restricted to mostly the Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy, which made it extremely expensive to import. However, thanks to companies like GringoCool, which cuts out the middleman and connects Spanish organic EVOO manufacturers to end-users in Australia, as well as the rest of the globe, healthy and organic olive oil is much more easily available than it was ever before. 

There is scientific proof that supports the claim regarding extra virgin olive oil being the healthiest cooking oil known to us, so if you can order it directly from the source with GringoCool, the real question is, why shouldn’t you make the switch? 

Oleic Acid Is A Known Anti-inflammatory And Anticarcinogenic Nutrient 

It would be wrong to claim that olive oil can prevent all types of cancer because there is not enough evidence to support such an exorbitant claim, of course. However, more than 70% of olive oil consists of oleic acid, which is a form of monounsaturated fat that is proven with research to have both anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. The oleocanthal, in particular, works in a similar way to reduce inflammation as ibuprofen does within the human body. 

In other words, eating food cooked with extra virgin olive oil does have the potential to at least reduce one’s chances of developing certain types of cancers. 

The Multiple Beneficial Effects Of Antioxidants 

The phenolic antioxidant content in olive oil is nothing short of extraordinary, and when you consume the oil with food each and every day, the following health benefits can be expected. 

• Improved cardiac health and reduced chances of heart disease 
 Reduced LDL cholesterol 
 Antiaging, antidiabetic, and anticarcinogenic effects will be seen 

Cerebral Strokes Are Less Likely To Bother People Who Switch To Olive Oil 

Additionally, the same reasons which make EVOO so good for the heart, also makes it excellent for the brain as well. During a study conducted by the US government on 140,000 participants, it was found that switching to olive oil does decrease the chances of a cerebral stroke in individuals that belong to susceptible age groups. 

It was to be expected given that LDL cholesterol, the primary lipid responsible for causing cerebral strokes, is cut down by the healthy omega-3 fats in EVOO. This isn’t a full list, but it should provide an idea regarding why we should all consider switching to olive oil.

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