What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Blog. Pros And Cons

what to know before starting new blog pros cons blogging business

Your closest friend is already running a personal blog and making a few bucks monthly. Moreover, some of your other friends are planning to toll the same line. And with all that’s happening around you, you have also developed an interest in running a blog. But before you finalize plans to start one, you need to understand that starting and maintaining a personal blog is a massive undertaking. 

But according to MyEssayGeek, knowing the pros and cons of running a blog will help you to handle any surprises that may spring up along the line. So without much ado, here are the pros and cons of having a blog. 

Getting To Know The Pros Of Blogging 

1. You Can Kick-Start A Blog With Little Or No Capital 

You may have heard it a thousand times, that it is possible to start a blog without money, which is true to some degree. What this means is that you can start a blog with the smallest budget. For example, you can start with a free domain (though it is best you get a paid domain name and hosting if you consider your blog to be a long-term business). 

The only thing you require for the free domain is data services to stay online. But if you have free internet access, you can start a blog and run it without paying a dime. However, even if you consider buying a domain name and hosting package, you can still start a blog with as low as $100. And this amount includes your domain name and hosting for a specific period. As for software, logos, and themes, you can invest in them later, when the blog starts growing. 

And finally, if you are a great writer, you won’t spend much running your blog, because all the contents will come from you. 

2. Highly Flexible Business 

Blogging is highly flexible. That is why tons of individuals are going into blogging now and then. Even those who have full-time jobs are running their blogs successfully and earning some passive income from it. So, one of the most impressive things about blogging is that anyone can venture into it. Many students have blogs and run them successfully, without their studies being affected. 

Another thing that makes blogging unique is that you can work at your pace or from any location. You can decide when to write articles, publish them, or choose what ad you would like to have on your blog. 

3. Opportunity To Earn Passive Income 

The primary reason many individuals are diving into blogging today is for the money. As a blogger, you have the chance to earn from multiple sources with a single blog. For example, you can use your blog for affiliate marketing and still have Google ads running on it, thus, earning passive income from both. And impressively, there is no limit to what you can make as a blogger. 

Getting To Know The Cons Of Blogging 

1. Traffic Determines Everything 

Your blog's capacity to earn something meaningful hinges on the traffic or visitors you receive daily. You can't compare the earning potential of a blog that receives ten visitors daily to another that gets over 10,000 visitors daily. The latter will surely earn more. 

However, traffic also boils down to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a real pain and a highly demanding task as well. For your blog to start getting traffic, you should learn, master, and implement the right SEO strategy. But then, learning SEO isn’t an easy task because Google’s algorithms change every single year. 

2. Highly Competitive Venture 

Blogging is highly competitive. And for the records, have in mind that you may never find a venture or business that is as competitive as blogging. So, you should have your mind prepared before taking the plunge. There is no niche you will enter that hasn’t been covered yet. Most of the keywords you will also come across may have been used in other articles posted online. Or someone is working on them already. Another challenge is keeping your visitors or audience engaged all year round. If you cannot sustain it, they may move to your competitors and forget your blog ever existed. 

3. It Takes Time To Earn A Decent Income 

Well, if you think that blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme, you better change such mentality. And again, don’t let the income report of other bloggers mislead you. You might earn seven figures in blogging though, but you need to put in much effort and time to start getting reasonable traffic which would impact your earning. 


So, these are some of the pros and cons of blogging. It is advisable for you to go through each of them before diving into blogging to understand what you are getting into. Even if you have the passion for blogging, which everyone needs to succeed in such an online business, there are other things you need to know to avoid surprises when you finally kick-start your blog. And impressively, some of those things have been highlighted in this post. You can read them before making any final decision.

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