Instagram Branding 101: How to Build Your Brand On Instagram

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With over 1 billion users, it might seem impossible to make your Instagram account stand out. 

For many brands, having an Instagram account is the perfect way to increase exposure. If you're committed to Instagram branding for your business, then you came to the right place. 

Read on to learn how to build your brand on Instagram.

Keep Your Username Easy to Remember

If you want to grow your brand on Instagram, you should start by having a user name that is easy to remember. Your followers won't want to scramble trying to find your Instagram account. 

Make sure your username is either your business name or as close to your business name as possible. If your name is the brand, incorporating it into your username will make it easy on the user. 

Combine Your Accounts

A few people have to maintain their personal and business accounts at the same time. Bloggers, for example, tend to run only one Instagram account which they use as personal and business. 

If it's possible for your brand, try to combine your business and personal Instagram account. Do this as long as your personal account stays true to the brand.

Keep Your Account Visually Appealing

With Instagram, is all about the visuals, so your account has to be all about quality. 

To make your account uniform try to stick to a color scheme, stay consistent with your filters, and make sure the style is similar throughout. 

Make the Most of Hashtags

Although most people associate hashtags with Twitter, people also use them to navigate Instagram.

In order to build your brand, you should create your own hashtag and use it in all of your posts. Keep in mind that Instagram limits 30 hashtags per post. 

Try not to overcrowd your posts with too many hashtags, otherwise, you won't get the involvement you need. 

Careful About Partnerships

As you might have seen around Instagram, there are many brand partnerships. These partnerships help bring light to your brand and grow your audience. 

Make sure whatever partnership you choose doesn't betray your brand. 

Help Others Grow 

If you help others grow, they will return the favor. It's important to have good relationships with other users on Instagram.

If you give them a like or a shoutout here and there, they will also support your brand and account. 

Of course, there are also a few more things you can do to increase your exposure on Make sure to take advantage of Reels, Stories, and IGTV to maximize your social media presence.

Measure Your Growth and Change Accordingly

If your goal is to grow your Instagram branding, then you need to measure your growth. By tracking your social media analytics, you can learn if your tactics are working. 

However, if it's not working as you expect, you can always change your strategy. 

How to Take Your Instagram Branding to the Next Level

Now that you know how to take your Instagram Branding to the next level, it's time you get to work.

If you want to grow your brand on Instagram, start by making your username easy to remember, focus on the visuals, and create a relevant hashtag.

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