5 Modern Techniques On How To Rephrase Sentence Content

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Occasionally, we may have to rephrase a text. It could be an essay, a paragraph, or a few words sentences. Paraphrasing is a daunting task for some learners. 

Coming up with original work could weigh down some students. However, the ability to rephrase sentence can save them from the agony of submitting plagiarized content. Technological developments have made it feasible to paraphrase content with ease. 

Modern Techniques On How To Rephrase Sentence And Paragraphs

1. Use Synonyms 

The most basic approach towards paraphrasing entails the use of synonyms. Do not worry if your mastery of vocabulary in a particular language is limited. Ms. Word has an inbuilt thesaurus tool that offers suggestions on synonyms. 

2. Change Numbers To Different Forms 

Paraphrasing numbers and percentages are relatively simple. All that I required is changing the form of the names or texts. For instance, when the numbers and rates are in numerals, describe them using words. 

Rephrasing numbers and percentages should adhere to clarity. For instance, in the case where the numerals have several decimal places, it would be prudent to approximate the amount to the nearest whole number. It may further be necessary to round off whole numbers to the nearest thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. 

3. Change Order Of Words 

A slight change in the word order constitutes paraphrasing. Most statements in English are in an active voice. A change of the comments into a passive voice would offer intended meaning. The rephrased statement would be free from plagiarism. 

Caution! Ensure the change in word order does not afflict the intended meaning of the initial statements. A shift from active to passive voice is a common technique towards changing the word order. Other methods include converting direct speech into indirect speech. 

4. Vary The Definition Structure 

Offering definitions requires a great deal of paraphrasing. A common technique in eliminating plagiarism in offering explanations is changing the definition structure. One would only pick the keywords from the description and retain them in the final interpretation. 

Restructuring a definition would require a writer to have a deeper understanding of the definition. Playing around with the order of subjects or objects would with adherence to the contextual meaning of the description. 

Most Effective Modern Technique On How To Rephrase Sentence 

5. Use A Rewording Tool 

The beauty of living during the fourth industrial revolution is the ability of machines to undertake complicated tasks. Paraphrasing was a reserve for a few individuals. However, there are several online paraphrasing tools. 

Essay reworder is an example of an online paraphrasing tool. The beauty of the devices is their speed and accuracy. They paraphrase tests within a split of a second. 

Final Thoughts On How To Paraphrase Sentence 

Paraphrasing could be an easy yet daunting task. The emergence of online paraphrasing tools is a savior for most students. However, one should be cautious whenever using paraphrasing tools. 

A prudent scholar would go through the original text and ensure they have a deeper understanding of the context. They should then go through the final product. Such an approach would ensure any changes to the original text remain to adhere to the meaning of the original text.

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