7 Great Reasons To Switch To A Mac

reasons switch to apple mac computer from windows pc

One of the age-old tech problems has always been, should you opt for an Apple Mac, or use a Windows based PC. By default, many of us have picked our side. When you get used to one system, and all of your data is stored in a particular way, it seems obvious to stick with it. 

There are, however, a great many reasons to choose an Apple Mac over a PC, and it is never too late to make the switch. While it may take a while to adapt and learn the simple things that you may take for granted on a PC, such as how to split screen on Mac, you will find that with some research, in a short space of time you will naturally adapt. 

Which PC Do You Even Buy? 

When we talk about PC’s, we’re talking about thousands of different models. You could even ultimately build your own from scratch. It’s hard to know which one is definitely the best one. With no universal standard, it’s easy to get bogged down and struggle to find the right model for you. 

You can obviously modify, and get everything that you want from your PC, and that is one of the great appeals of having one. If you are particularly technically minded, this can be an excellent option, and many people will build their own machine from scratch. 

A Closed System Runs Better 

However, the Mac has an advantage in its closed system. Nobody else can modify the technical design of the product before it reaches the end-user. All of the parts have been specifically designed for that product. This is very different from PCs, which may be an amalgamation of lots of various components. 

As such, there are not going to be any conflicts between the hardware within the Mac. This will cause the operating system to run smoother, and greatly diminish the risk of a system failure. 

The Enhanced Security 

One of the primary reasons that people choose the Mac is for its security. While there are differences in the way that the file systems operate between Windows and OS, the simple fact is that Macs are still open to attack. The difference is, that they don’t see the same prevalence of cyberattacks than their Windows counterparts. 

Macs come with some pretty sturdy in-built security features though. However, it is still a very good idea to install additional software to ensure you are as protected as you can be. 

The Superior Build Quality 

When you buy a Mac, you are getting a premium quality product. The build quality is second to none, and Apple really doesn’t skimp when it comes to putting in the right parts. While you may find that many rivals will look to create low-cost computers that will generate large volumes of sales, the Apple business model is very different. 

There is a high level of attention to detail within the design of the Mac. Apple generally spend a long time perfecting each model that they bring to market, and as their reputation always relies on getting it right, they make sure that they do just that. 

The machines are built to last for a few years, and you will often find that second-hand Macs still retain a great deal of their value, even after a few years of use. 

The Operating System 

Macs run using OS, which is a very stable, Unix based operating system. There are distinct differences to get used to when it comes to switching from Windows. However, the design is very simple and user-friendly. 

For Windows users who really struggle to make the change, you can choose to run your Mac using Windows. Or, you could opt to have both operating systems installed. 

You will find that the hardware marries well with the operating system, and there is never any conflict between any of the tech, and the software. 

Devices are easily installed on Macs, with no need to worry about finding drivers. Everything is plug-and-play. This saves plenty of headaches, especially when it comes to dealing with compatibility issues. 

The Bundled Software 

Good quality software comes as standard on all Apple machines. When you first open your Mac, you will find that it has many great titles available pre-installed. These include titles like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Facetime, Garage Band, iMovie, and so many more. The equivalent software on PC would end up costing you a considerable amount in licenses. 

Macs have long set themselves apart from PCs with their use in video, music, and photo editing. They have long been the choice of many professionals in the media industry because of their ability to process complex tasks with stability and speed. 

If you want to continue using your Windows software after you have made the switch, fear not, there are many of the same titles available. You can even run Microsoft Office from OS. 

After Care And Support 

If you have ever passed by an Apple store, you will notice one simple key point; there are always a lot of staff members available on the shop floor. Apple not only use their expert staff to generate sales of all of their products, but they also provide aftercare support. A trip to your local Apple store could help you get the best from your machine. In-store tutorial and demonstration sessions are available, covering a large range of things, from photo, video and music production, right through to coding. 

If you have a technical problem with your product, you can get online support, over the phone help, or you can take your issue into the store. Apple can then repair any faulty or damaged products. 

Is It Time To Make An Investment In A Mac? 

With many excellent reasons to choose an Apple Mac, your next computer may well be a game-changer for your life. With the superior build and proven reliability over a long period, it makes perfect sense to invest in a Mac computer.

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