Science Tells Us Why Weed Is Good for You

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Did you know that smoking weed might be healthy for you?

While people tend to paint a picture of weed that doesn't portray it in a good way, it provides a plethora of benefits that have been researched in many studies. 

People smoke weed for a variety of reasons, but they all do it to either feel better or have fun. Weed can help you lose weight, reduce pain, become more social, and more.

Read on to learn why weed is good for you!

Treat Anxiety and Depression

Weed is great for those with anxiety and depression because it's known to calm people down. Rather than getting yourself worked up over something, weed will help you to see the positive in everything.

What you might have previously thought to be a bad situation will turn out to be something that you'll quickly get over. Many people use marijuana after a long day or before they start their day to avoid stress altogether.

Weed helps a person relax and get a clear state of mind. It doesn't need to be smoked every day. Even smoking it occasionally will drastically reduce the anxiety that one has. 

Get Creative and Motivated

Weed is amazing for people that like to do artsy things or make goals for themselves. Because it allows you to clear your mind of negative thoughts, you can focus on the important things at hand.

Getting creative has never been easier because you can come up with a variety of ideas. People that smoke weed are known for having "woke" thoughts because weed lets people easily think deeply about things.

Achieving goals will also be easier because you won't be stressed out from things going on in your life. People that are anxious, stressed or depressed often neglect making goals because they don't see a point in them.

Lose Weight

Weed helps people lose weight in a variety of ways. Because it helps people with depression, they'll be more likely to get up and do something rather than sitting around.

People react to their emotions in different ways that can negatively affect themselves. Binge eating or not eating at all will drastically change your health in a way that can cause many problems in the future.

Going to the gym and eating healthily is a thought that will start to cross the minds of people that smoke weed because they feel better about themselves.


Many people don't know this, but marijuana can lower insulin resistance and blood glucose levels. High insulin resistance and blood glucose levels are the reasons why people get diabetes.

Being resistant to insulin will make one feel exhausted and hungry, inclining them to eat more food. By smoking marijuana, you won't feel that tiredness and hunger like you would if you had diabetes or ate a lot of sugary foods.

The CBD in marijuana can also stimulate the cells within fat, making it less likely that your body will slow down from burning calories. You'll be able to hit the gym and burn more than you regularly would without weed.

Feel Every Muscle

Some people that smoke weed say that they can feel more when they smoke. For example, weed is popular in the BJJ community because they can feel how their bodies are reacting and can recover quicker.

When you're exercising, you'll be able to feel the muscles that are being worked. You'll be able to know if you're working out effectively or not by how your muscles feel, and you can change what you're doing to what's optimal for you.

Reduce Pain

One of the most common reasons why people smoke weed is to reduce the pain that they feel. Weed can help people with things like arthritis, cancer, and more.

The CBD in marijuana can reduce the inflammation that builds up from a variety of causes. Those with arthritis will notice that their joints don't hurt as much or at all. It can also help with general pain problems, like those that suffer from back problems due to posture.

People that are going through chemotherapy will often use weed because it can reduce their nausea and stop them from vomiting. Excessive vomiting can lead you to tear blood vessels in your throat, giving you pain and causing you to cough up blood.

Be Social

Just like drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana is a social event. Many people will gather together to share weed and have a good time with one another. It allows people to open their minds and have discussions about topics that sober people usually can't.

There's a popular culture around weed that brings people together simply because they smoke. You can have fun with friends and make new memories while on your stoned adventures.

If you're ever out partying with friends and smoking, be careful not too smoke too much. You might feel a little weird, and you can check out more of our helpful weed articles to prevent yourself from having a bad trip.

Weed Is Good for You, So Try It!

Marijuana is a natural plant and contains CBD which provides many benefits to its users. No matter what you suffer from, weed is good for you and will help you overcome your problems or inspire you to do great things.

If you're over the age of 21 and live somewhere where weed is legal, you should try it to reap the benefits.

Feel free to browse our healthcare and lifestyle sections to read more articles about health topics that can help you.

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