8 Ways to Increase Lottery Winning Odds

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You’re more likely to get hit by a meteorite than win the lottery.

Nonetheless, people all over the world rush to purchase their lottery tickets each week. Even the slightest chance of winning millions is surely worth the expense, right?

For some, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Just the excitement at the process is enough to compel many people to play the lottery.

Unfortunately, almost all (if not every single one) of them will wave goodbye to their money.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase your odds of winning? Imagine if there were ways to make more accurate lottery predictions!

We might be able to help.

Now, we can’t promise they’ll work. Heck, we can’t even guarantee any mathematical logic!

Nonetheless, keep reading for 8 strategic methods that (people claim) raise your chances of lottery success. 

8 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

1. Buy Multiple Tickets

Our first suggestion makes mathematical sense!

Everybody knows their chances of winning the lottery are remote at very best. However, you can give yourself a slight advantage by purchasing multiple tickets for the same prize draw (and playing different numbers).

Think of it like a raffle, where winning numbers get drawn from a hat. Every ticket you buy to the raffle increases the likelihood of one of your numbers being chosen.

The same applies to the lottery. Remember, though, that your odds will only ever shift a tiny amount. You could buy 1000 tickets and still be monumentally fortunate to win.

2. Forget the Birthdays

Many people pick lotto numbers based on somebody’s birthday.

The birthday might be theirs, a loved ones or that of a famous celebrity.

It doesn’t matter. All expert recommendations tell you to avoid this strategy for lotteries! There are only as many as 31 days in a month, right? But the lottery has numbers between 1 and 70.

As such, selecting birthdays limits your potential spread. You cut your potential choices in more than half. Unless you’re a particularly lucky individual, a better approach is to pick numbers from the entire 1 to 70 range.

3. Avoid Past Winners

Another common strategy is to pick numbers based on historic winners.

Taking a superstitious outlook on the game, people assume there may be an unknown advantage to those numbers.

Think about the chance of the same set of numbers being drawn twice, though. It’s just indescribably unlikely! Don’t pick this strategy either.

4. Look at Historic Winners

Having said that, the past may offer certain clues.

Look back through history at the sets of winning numbers.

Find the figures that occur with a particular frequency. There may be a select few numbers that appear consistently over time.

You never know- some hitherto unknown reason may explain why these occur more than others. Putting them down is arguably as sensible as any other approach!

5. Don’t Change Your Numbers

Let’s imagine that you’ve selected what you imagine to be a winning set of numbers.

You purchase multiple cards at a time. Each one has its own unique, wide-ranging selection. You’re confident that these numbers have something to them.

Don’t change them!

The best advice out there suggests you stick with the same numbers every single time you play. It’s tempting to assume they’re losing sets and switch them around accordingly.

Apparently, it pays to leave them as they are.

6. Leverage a Lottery Syndicate/Pool

Remember how playing multiple tickets increases your chance of success?

Well, imagine if there was an easy way of accessing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of tickets?!

Good news: they exist in the form of lottery pools (sometimes known as syndicates).

The premise behind them is simple. Basically, a bunch of people get together and pool their tickets. If one of them wins, then they agree to share the jackpot equally amongst them.

You could get together with friends, families, and work colleagues. If you could get 50 people to buy 2 tickets each, you have 100 more chances of winning.

7. Play Consistently

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.

It turns out this old motto should be applied to any attempts to win the lottery! You’ve got to be in it to win it, right?

It comes back to basic maths. Statistically speaking, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. Having a ticket for every jackpot means you’re in with a greater chance.

Obviously, though, playing the lottery is a form of gambling. There’s heavy addicting quality to it. Be sensible- don’t make sacrifices elsewhere purely for the sake of buying a lottery ticket.

Set yourself a budget and proceed accordingly.

8. Pick the Lottery Carefully

It’s tempting to buy tickets for lotteries with the highest prize money.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make mathematical sense. Trying to stick to mathematical strategies in your lottery bid?

Well, be more selective with what you play and know the odds of winning beforehand.

As it happens, not all lotteries have equal odds. Instead, you find a surprising degree of difference between them. Generally speaking, higher payouts have worse odds. That much is logical.

Having said that, certain lotteries (often based in other countries) offer large payouts for (relatively) good odds. Do your research ahead of time to find the best options on the table.

You might find local (like the Mass Cash lottery in Massachusetts), foreign (like the Swedish Lotto) or other options that can improve your chances.      

Time to Make Your Lottery Predictions

There you have it: our top strategy suggestions for making better lottery predictions.

The chances of winning the lottery are, to put it mildly, slim. Regardless, countless millions of people find the urge to play it irresistible. After all, for a few dollars, you have the possibility of winning millions!

It’s hard not to be carried away with the promise of instant riches. Alas, pretty much everyone that decides to play will lose their money.

As we’ve seen, though, a selection of recommendations do exist for boosting the chance of success. If you’re determined to play the lottery, then it makes sense to employ them. Good luck in the lotto!

Strapped for cash at the moment? Be sure to check out the Frugal Finances section of the blog. And remember, you have to play to win!

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