8 Top WordPress Plugins for Gym Websites

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Health and Fitness is a $30 billion industry is on the rise. on the rise. This is a great time to be in the business as you can find unique ways to optimize your website by adding easy-to-use widgets so your company stands out.

Not sure how to create one of the best gym websites? Here are the top 8 WordPress widgets to add to your site.

1. Premium BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index is an easy-to-calculate way to measure obesity based on the ratio of your weight and height. This is a handy widget to add to your gym website, which comes with built-in options for colors, fonts, and styles. It is also mobile responsive and easy to incorporate to your site.

This calculator features fields for height (in both meters or inches) and weight (in kilos or pounds) and tells you whether your results fall in the “underweight”, “normal” or “obese” category. 

2. Meal Planner Pro Recipes Free Plugin

Enjoy publishing healthy recipes? Then use this widget so you can regularly publish new posts in an appealing way. You’ll also be giving readers nutritional value and the chance to print them.

This plugin is responsive and comes with built-in Scheme information so your recipes are automatically optimized for search engines. You can also add ingredients that can be bought from affiliate links, insert notes and photos within instructions.

3. WPGYM - WordPress Gym Management System

If you need help streamlining your gym admin, try WPGYM. First, create your own gym membership plans and accept payments via PayPal so your gym members can pay online instead.

This WordPress management system gives you stats on members so they can log in to track their own nutrition, body measurements, and workout schedules. You can also add trainers as WordPress users so you can message easily and they can add their own workout plans. Further, members can use this as a workout calendar tracker so customers can monitor their process.

Further, you can manage fitness class schedules and track attendance for each class so you know which ones need filling. This is the perfect plugin for those who are developing a gym website as it keeps you organized.  

4. CF Whiteboard - Full Crossfit Workout Tracker Plugin 

If you’re a hardcore Crossfit fan then CF Whiteboard is the best fitness gym widget for you. It lets you add social workout tracking to your site so athletes can monitor their workouts, attendance, and results before comparing PRs and Benchmarks. 

It also comes with workouts and movements so you need not build exercises from scratch.

Further, you can track unlimited users and search for their results.

Before you sign-up though, remember that Whiteboard offers a 30-day free trial before you’re charged a monthly fee.

5. Gym Studio Membership Management

This widget is like WPGYM as you can manage member information and payments. You can also set up automatic recurring payments and track all transactions from your members.

Further, you can add a class schedule and newsletter to your site to keep your clients updated. The most unique feature is that the plugin generates a QR code for each member that signs up. Scan this QR code via an iPhone or Android app to check members in a quick and easy way.

Although this is the best fitness website widget, the default design is outdated so use CSS to customize the plugin so it stands out on your site.  

6. Weight Loss Tracker

This weight loss widget lets members monitor their height and weight. You can track these changes over time so users can see their progress.

If you choose the Pro version of the plugin, you can also track the measurements of your:

  • Biceps
  • Waist
  • Glutes

You’ll also have access to community stats and extra shortcodes. If you run a fitness membership site, your customers can track their own stats and become part of your community.    

7. Free Keto Calculator WordPress Plugin

The ketogenic diet (or keto diet) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has many health benefits. Over 20 studies show that this diet can help you shed weight and improve your health.

Use one of these imperial plugins to measure your nutritional needs to reach your desired weight loss and performance goals. It’s easy-to-use by adding the shortcode to any post or page on your site.

Once you enter your details, you can create charts and tables and offer visitors a weight loss and weight gain diet plan. You can also generate PDF reports using this data.

8. Build A Meal - WordPress Nutrition Calculator Plugin

This is a nifty plugin as it lets you add nutrition functionality to your WordPress website. You can easily build a meal and calculate how many calories it contains and the nutritional value.

The plugin lets you add unlimited ingredients and sort them into categories. Also, the widget lets customers share their specific meals which is a great way to boost traffic.

You can also track and share your own nutrition information, great for your fitness diary or personal trainer website.

Now You Know How to Create Great Gym Websites

When you’re in the gym business, you must find engaging ways to communicate with your clients and try to boost website traffic. Gym websites are booming in popularity so keep yours updated with fitness-related widgets and WP plugins to help your website stand out. Good luck!

Did you find this article on the top WP plugins for gym websites to be helpful? Check us out for more fitness-related content and business-related content that you’ll love. 

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