What Is Intercom and How Can It Improve Your Contact with Customers?

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Whether you're a new or established business, acquiring new leads and turning them into customers is expensive. From the moment a user lands on your website, you have little time to grasp their attention before they leave.

Even if they're interested in your products, you have to offer extra value to build trust. The best way to do this is through chatbots and live chat. One of the best platforms for this purpose is Intercom.

In this article, we're answering the question "what is Intercom?" and how it can improve your customer relationships.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a customer messaging platform that you can use to interact with your customers and offer targeted help. Intercom can help you learn who your customers are, how they interact with your website, and what they're interested in.

You can use Intercom for many different purposes:

  • Getting to know your customers and their pain points
  • Capturing leads and converting them into customers
  • Offering live customer support
  • Onboarding process help and support
  • Getting customer feedback

These are some of the many ways your teams can use Intercom to improve customer relationships and use this data to boost sales. We'll discuss each process in more detail below.

Ongoing Customer Success

Aside from the Intercom chat, you can use the platform to help your customers succeed. You can facilitate the onboarding process, see which customers need guidance, and who's active/inactive in the system.

This crucial data will help you analyze customer behavior so you can take specific action to help your customers grow. You can also see who stopped using your services and why.

Better Customer Relationship Management

Whether you use Intercom's chatbot system or offer live support, solving the customer's problem is the end goal. If users find a solution quickly, you'll gain their trust, and they won't think twice about buying from you.

Also, if you use other CRM platforms like HubSpot to automate your processes, you can easily do a HubSpot Intercom integration. This way, you'll always have the data into one place and optimize as needed.

Targeted Customer Support

Customer support is key to converting your users by helping them solve technical issues and answering their questions. With Intercom CRM support, you can offer targeted help like resources, articles, automated responses, and answer templates.

This way, users don't have to search through your FAQs to find what they need. You can offer instant solutions and support them through their preferred channels.

Instant Customer Feedback

Intercom live chat is one of the best ways to get instant customer feedback. The platform allows you to put tags on user replies and messages so you can easily track conversations and decide which team should handle them.

This feedback tracking system helps teams analyze what customers want so you can see what needs fixing, improving, or changing.

Now You Know How to Use Intercom to Grow Your Business!

These insights will help answer the question "what is Intercom?" CRM and why you should use it to improve your customer relationships.

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