Improve Intimacy: 10 Bedroom Tips for Couples

improve intimacy sex tips for couples

Sex is a crucial element in a relationship. It keeps both participants emotionally happy and it strengthens their connection.

But what do you do if your sex life isn't going so well? Is the bedroom going badly for you?

Getting your groove back isn't easy. Life can get in the way and emotional issues could hinder your sexual progress. 

We're here to help you find a solution that works. Read our ten sex tips for couples below and discover how you can make your sex life better and more fulfilling.

1. Discuss Fantasies and Fetishes

One of the most important sex tips for couples is to talk about the things that turn you on. Take time to learn what your partner wants, what they want to try out, and what hurts them or makes them feel uncomfortable. 

It's all about give-and-take. You might not like some of your partner's fantasies and they might not like yours. Find a balance to make sure you both come out satisfied.

2. Experiment

Don't feel afraid to experiment. Doing the same thing every time you have sex quickly becomes boring and uninspiring. Your partner might lose interest because they already know what to expect and might not even feel turned on by it.

Try out different positions. You might discover a position that helps your partner reach their climax or one that builds intimacy and excitement. 

Experiment with having sex on the couch or the table. Why not try having sex somewhere other than your home, like in a hotel room or the basement?

3. Communicate During Sex

Remember how we mentioned it's important to talk about sex? This communication doesn't end there. Continue communicating even during the act itself.

No, you don't have to use words and talk dirty while having sex. There are other ways to communicate. Moan, use your hands, or move your hips to convey you like or dislike something.

Most of the time, your partner will have no problem understanding your cues. It's hard to confuse a moan of pleasure from a wince of pain, after all. Still, if there are moments of confusion, take time to discuss your cues before or after sex.

4. Have a Sex Night

It might seem boring to schedule sex but it doesn't have to be. You can make it fun by flirting throughout the day. Build the excitement and make your partner anticipate sex night. 

Soon enough, you won't need to keep scheduling. 

This is a tactic meant to help struggling couples get their groove back and improve sex life. Many couples don't have sex because of their busy schedule, exhaustion from work, or other factors in life getting in the way. Scheduling ensures sex is now always on the table.

5. Masturbate

In many ways, masturbating can boost your sex life. You shouldn't look at it as some weird, awkward method of self-pleasure. You can turn it into a way to get your partner excited.

Masturbate in front of your partner. Couples should engage in this and watch their partners fulfill their sexual needs. It can build intimacy and could turn your partner on. 

Some couples use masturbation as a form of foreplay before they engage in actual sex. 

Of course, too much masturbation can lead to detrimental effects. You don't want your partner to get all their sexual satisfaction by going solo. Use it as a fuel to ignite a spark and then have sex to feed the fire. 

6. Use Some Toys

Toys aren't only for porn. You can use them to make your sex life more engaging and exciting. It's a form of experimentation and it could help you and your partner explore each other's fetishes. 

Not sure which toys to try out or where to get them? You can try this online adult store to pick something simple, like a basic dildo or a vibrator. You don't need to buy extravagant toys that seem impossible or painful to use.

7. Give It a Rest

Learning how to improve sex life in marriage is sometimes about pacing and building anticipation. You can get your partner more excited about sex by holding it off a bit. Make your partner wait so that the anticipation builds until they can't keep it any longer.

Do you schedule sex? Use the rest days to your advantage.

Flirt with your partner. Go ahead and masturbate a little, and tease them with sexy dances or clothing. If they want to engage in sex, don't give in until the scheduled sex night.

Your partner will have so much pent-up excitement that you can expect a wild night ahead of you!

8. Watch Porn Together

Yes, watching porn together can help a couple improve their sex life. Watching porn allows you to see what kind of sexual activities excite your partner. It can also help get you both feeling hot and steamy so watch a bit before you turn it off and engage in sex.

However, make sure you don't rely on porn too much. Porn can set extremely high standards you and your partner might not be able to reach. It might set your expectations about sex in the wrong direction and your partner might get disappointed with the way you engage with them.

Watch porn but set your expectations to an appropriate level.

9. Go On a Sex Vacation

There might be moments when having sex at home simply doesn't work. It can get boring to experience sex on the same bed or couch. Spruce things up by going on a sex vacation!

Even something as simple as spending a night in a nearby inn can help. The new environment can make your sexual activities more intimate and refreshing. 

10. Talk to a Therapist

When all else fails, don't hesitate to talk to a therapist. They have the knowledge and training to dissect your sex life and figure out what's wrong. They can help you discover which techniques might boost your sex life and help you understand the psychology behind your problems in the bedroom.

Follow These Sex Tips for Couples!

Why wait? Follow these sex tips for couples and improve your intimate life! You might attain the ideal sexual relationship with your wife or husband by going through these methods!

Sex is only the beginning of a fruitful relationship, however. Fortunately, we've got more guides here to help you build your romantic relationship and to keep it strong. Don't hesitate to read what we have to offer on sexual health and performance!

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