Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction That You Need To Know

symptoms of erectile dysfunction ed signs

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a male sexual disorder in which there is inability to initiate and maintain a penile erection. This prevents sexual intercourse and leads to impotence. There are various causes for this condition including certain medications, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, cardiovascular disorders and psychological issues. This condition leads to low self-esteem and relationship problems with the partner. 

Understanding the symptoms of this sexual disorder is utmost important to diagnose it and thereby treat or prevent it. However, erectile dysfunction may occur occasionally in normal people, such as, after excessive masturbation or prolonged sexual intercourse. In this case, the erection process is exhausted after achieving peak orgasms. If the erection problem keeps worsening, then it may cause chronic impotence and a physical cause may be suspected for the same. Such cases need evaluation. Quite often, ED may be a manifestation of some generalized health problem like cardiovascular disease, obesity etc. 

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction problem? Finding the permanent solution than you can use buy kamagra online because it’s contain an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate that help to cure erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation than you have to consume a meds which have an active ingredient sildenafil citrate with Dapoxetine like buy super p force from safe generic pharmacy know as trusted online pharmacy The symptoms of erectile dysfunction include: 

1. Unable to get an erection 
2. Unable to maintain an erection 
3. Decreased sexual desire, diminished sexual capacity, low sex drive, lack of emotions and sexual arousal 
4. Able to get erection sometimes, but not every time during sex 
5. Able to get erection, but does not last long enough for sex 
6. Softer erections 
7. Reduced girth of the erection 
8. Change in angle of erections 
9. Deformity of penis (Peyronie’s disease) 
10. Reduced penile sensitivity 
11. Painful erections (after trauma, surgery or Priapism) 

When the frequency and strength of erections change enough to affect the pleasure experienced by either of the partner during sexual activity, then it can be termed as erectile dysfunction. Here, the erection fails to serve its purpose during sexual intercourse. These symptoms may sometimes remain unrealized until it comes to the notice of the partner. It is also important to know that even if the erection occurs, it may be persistently changing to affect the sexual intimacy, and erectile dysfunction may be suspected in such cases. 

For instance, the patient might be showing the symptoms and behaviors of the underlying disease or cause: 

• Physically inactive, overweight and obese 
• Lethargic, low mood, depression 
• Anxiety, apprehensive, disturbed 
• Lack of sleep 
• Fainting attacks, chest pain, black outs, or shortness of breath
• Illegal drug abuse 
• Stressful lifestyle and work culture 
• Symptoms of diabetes and hypertension 
• History of surgery and radiotherapy for prostate cancer 

To conclude, erectile dysfunction is a condition of impotence in men. It needs to be evaluated and diagnosed at the earliest. Symptoms include inability to achieve/maintain erection, decreased sexual drive, insufficient erections for sexual intercourse, abnormal erections, painful erections, etc. It is emphasized that if the erections are persistently changing not enough to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse, then it is said to be ED. 

It is wise to consult the doctor if there are any erectile problems as follows: 

• If one has a concern about his erections or other sexual problems like premature or delayed erections. 

• If one has underlying medical condition like diabetes, heart disease, etc. 

• If one have other symptoms along with those of erectile dysfunction. 

Contact your doctor to help end ED today!


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