Relocating From The USA To The UK: 6 Things You Should Do

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Relocating from one place to another is a hassle but when you are doing an international removal US to UK. You are concerned about the shipping, thinking that it definitely won't be cheap and having to decide to use the airway or the sea to get your stuff transported is altogether another hassle. All these decisions can be daunting. 

On the other hand, the experiences waiting, the aspect of exploring an altogether new culture and the heritage of the country makes you excited. The country will surprise you each day with rains and shock you with its customs. 

So here are five things you should know before you start relocating to Europe from the USA with the help of International Shipping Company

1. Passports And Visa 

As a US citizen, you can stay in the UK for 6 months without a visa, however, in this time your passport should not expire. Your US passport acts as your visa and you can travel to Europe easily. If you are a student then your paperwork can be handled by your school/college. If your company moved from the US to the UK then that probably handled the whole process. But before your departure do check that you have the visa and the certifications 

2. Shipping Things From The USA To The UK 

When shipping things from the US to the UK please ensure that you create an inventory in which you mention every item you are bringing from the US to the UK. If you come from the EU zone you are allowed to bring things duty-free. However, every item you bring has to be at least 6- months used prior to your move to the UK. Customs officers will check your imports so please see what is allowed and what is not. Hire a reliable shipping company that offers you the best rates. Airway might cost more then seaway choose carefully considering all things 

3. Get Travel Insurance 

Before you travel to the UK to get your travel insurance from National Health Service (NHS). The travel insurance is said to cover trip cancellations, interruptions, transportation cost to hospitals, in case of any luggage loss and protection against insolvency. Getting this might be a hassle but it can get you out of a lot of fixes in which new arrivals usually get stuck 

4. Inform Your Bank 

Besides keeping your bank informed that you won't be in the country to prevent anyone using your account in fraudulent cases. You should deactivate your cards just in case. Also, print a copy of your bank statements and carry them. The UK custom officers often ask for those to check if you can sustain yourself during your stay in the country. 

5. Give A Mail Forwarding Address 

Before doing any beg move it is essential that you let your mail office know about your new address (once finalized) so that in case you receive any mail it can be forwarded to you. 

6. Explore The City 

London can be quiet surprising in terms of weather and the season. But the culture is beautiful, you can explore the scenery, the places and experience the royal life from afar. There are aesthetic phone booths and the people have a certain fancy accent. 

Don't miss the chance to have an English breakfast and the different types of tea in every corner of the city. With its aesthetics and history, the British are filled with love and warmth.

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