How Bloggers Use Content Syndication Services Successfully

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Did you know that bloggers between the ages of 21 and 35 dominate the blogosphere, making up over 53% of the blogging population? The age range alone displays that there is a lot of bloggers and blogs out there, giving people so many options to choose from to read.

Content syndication is a key strategy for making your blog known to other audiences. Keep reading, and we will guide you through this strategy and the benefits of content syndication services.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is when you republish a blog, article, or video on one ore more different websites. The syndication helps bring fresh and new ideas and content to websites while also giving the writer a larger audience.

Syndicating your content helps bring it to the attention of people that may not usually browse the website where you originally posted your blog. There are even websites that look for syndicated content to post.

Do your research and find websites that will syndicate your posts. Having your blog accessible to multiple audiences may bring on a whole new readership.

How to Syndicate Content

We are going to guide you through the basics of how to syndicate your content to reach the biggest audience that you can.

Here are Some Top Tips to Syndicate your Content:

1. Look for Larger Websites:

Repost your latest work or best-performing article on more significant websites than your own. You should look for sites that have more readers and higher authority than yours.

2. Use Older Work

Another tip is taking old content and republishing it on websites that have around the same audience and level of authority as your own. Syndicating will get older pieces more traction.

3. Write a Guest Post

Publish a guest post on a more prominent publication, such as LinkedIn. Then you can syndicate it later on your website.

4. The Regulars

Build relationships with websites that look to syndicate content as a base for their site. That way, you will be regularly picked up by them moving forward.

5. No Duplicates

Link back to your original article and try to include a canonical link or the unique source link that shows you are syndicating content and not duplicating it. You want to be careful of making sure your reader knows the content is syndicated.

Content Syndication Services

Some services can give you a hand in publishing your blog across thousands of different websites that include popular news sites and blogs.

Services can help you get guaranteed distribution and placement. When you are searching on your own, it's harder to find guaranteed spots if you don't have a relationship with a news website or multiple.

Even if you don't feel like you need an extra boost now, these services can help in the long run. Start using content services for content syndication.


Google doesn't like duplicate content and has a Help Center page dedicated to defining what it means. Duplicate content is something you should be aware of when syndicating content.

They don't directly punish a website for duplicate content, but it doesn't help with SEO performance.

Google is okay with the content being syndicated, but you need to be careful and make it very obvious that the piece is syndicated to readers.

The way you can do this is by linking back to the original article and making it clear that this is from another source. This can also help drive content back to your website; you need to make sure to check the guidelines of other websites that you post on and work with for syndication.

Let's Get Started

Now you are ready to start syndicating your content. Broaden your viewership and build relationships with other websites to help you build your brand.

Some content syndication services can help you get your content out there as well and are very helpful because they already have relationships with news websites and other popular websites.

Pick a piece to syndicate now or learn more about content builder services here! Visit the Blogger Outreach and SEO sections of the Frugal Finance Blog right now for more information on content syndication services!

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