3 Top Men’s Dress Watches To Enhance Your Style

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Dress watches are the best statement pieces that men always have to be meticulous about. Since dress watches can enhance your style, you still have to look at the differences between each brand to ensure elegance and sophistication. As a result, men have a hard time choosing which dress watches to buy that will enhance their style. 

Apart from the dress watch enhancing your style during formal occasions and black-tie events. The dress watch they plan to buy should also be durable enough to last for a long time, including the extended time from repairs and maintenance. However, men also take note that the life of a dress watch will depend on the proper care they give to the watch. 

Another factor that men should never forget is that dress watches are a special investment. Thus, being meticulous about the watch’s face, strap, and color, to ensure that they pick the best dress watch appropriate for enhancing their style. For that reason, here are the top three men’s dress watches to enhance your style. On the other hand, you can explore more options on the best dress watches of today on some trusted watch review sites. If you are a bit restrained on your budget, you can check out the top best dress watch under 1000 dollars below.

Top 3 Men's Luxury Watches

1. Cartier Tank Watch

The Cartier Tank watches have been serving men on special occasions and formal events for a long time. Further, these watches carry the classic geometric design capable of captivating the attention of the people around those who wear them. Since there are several versions of the Cartier Tank, you will have a lot of watches to choose from. 

The Cartier Tank Américaine Automatic is one of the known watches from the Cartier Tank collection. For that being, Tank Américaine Automatic showcases simplicity without sacrificing the essence of a classic dress watch. Further, the watch also features a dark brown alligator leather watch strap to ensure the utmost comfort on the consumer’s wrist. 

The main advantage of owning a Cartier Tank is that consumers can dress down this dress watch to allow wearing them for casual occasions. Since Cartier Tank is a luxury watch, pairing them with the appropriate combination of pieces of clothing can truly enhance your style. 

2. Panerai Luminor Due Wristwatch

Panerai’s Luminor Due collection is famous for allowing consumers to make a balanced yet elegant impression on their wrists. Further, the scale patterns of the black alligator leather watch strap are larger compared to the average alligator leather watch straps. As a result, this allows consumers to make a slightly hidden statement piece for their formal attire. 

Panerai wanted to make sure that men should never lose the feeling of comfort in wearing a wristwatch. Since wristwatches tend to cause discomfort to our skin, Panerai ensured customers that the Luminor Due’s watch strap harmonizes with their wrists. Panerai made it possible by having a slimmer and well-proportioned watch strap. 

Apart from the watch strap of Luminor Due watches, Panerai also didn’t overlook the design of the watch by paying extra attention to the small details. Such details include having a steep sloping bezel to allow more room for showcasing the stylish design of the dial. Panerai is also known for its sandwich-style dial due to different layers of colors of the watch. 

3. Omega Constellation Globemaster Watches

The Omega Constellation Globemaster is a luxury dress watch that gentlemen should have in their watch collection. Keep in mind that the Constellation Globemaster isn’t an ordinary dress watch, due to the annual calendar feature. The more popular version of this watch features steel or gold on a leather strap, the steel on steel version completely changes the essence of it being a dress watch. 

A vital factor that makes the Omega Constellation Globemaster a dress watch is due to the varieties of colors that consumers can choose from. Consequently, those who want to give off a classic statement piece vibe prefer to select the vintage colors, comprising of a yellow-gold case and a dark brown leather strap. 

Another reason why gentlemen should have the Constellation Globemaster in their watch collection is because of the versatility of the design. Keep in mind that Omega is known for producing watches that will surely enhance the style of those who wear them. However, Omega wanted consumers to experiment with their style, which allows them to wear the Constellation Globemaster watch for any occasion. 

Takeaway On Top Men's Dress Watches You Should Be Watching

These top frugal men's dress watches can never make it to the top if it wasn’t for their versatile design and features. One essential factor that men should take note of about their dress watches is the durability. Since dress watches tend to be thin and slimmer compared to sports watches. Men should consider either buying the Cartier Tank, Panerai Luminor Due, or the Omega Constellation Globemaster watch due to their durability, luxury, status symbol, and lifespan. These are the watches you should be watching and wearing when you dress for success!

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