What Is A Medical Spa?

what is a medical spa

Also referred to as med spas or medi-spas, a medical spa goes above and beyond the typical pampering experience of a normal, traditional spa. It tries to combine the best of both worlds by including the cosmetic services of a spa but driven by the expertise of a licensed medical practitioner and advanced technology. They have become a kind of hybrid between medical clinics and traditional spas. Medical spas have become a popular treatment option in recent years for both men and women. Because a physician oversees the medical spa, the patients receive safe and highly skilled treatments from a well-trained staff. Patients can also expect an approachable and clean environment, which can deliver high-level results. A medical spa in Hamilton can provide a variety of benefits, and treat a range of issues. They are a great way of achieving non-surgical cosmetic improvements with the ease of a spa and the comfort of a medically trained individual. 

How They Differ From Traditional Spas 

The biggest difference between a medical and traditional spa is in the types of services offered. The services offered at a medical spa include medical procedures that cannot be done at a traditional spa. Because of the nature of these services, the medical spa has to be run or overseen by a medical doctor. Those procedures not done by a doctor are performed under the supervision of one, usually a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Medical spas can either be posh or plain clinical and while traditional spas focus on relaxation, medical spas focus on results. 


Generally, you should expect to find treatments for problems such as hair removal, aging skin or acne in a medical spa. Although they will also feature treatments like facials, seaweed wraps, and massages, medical spas will also offer more specialized treatment only found at a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon's clinic. Examples include Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, and light and laser treatments. Medical spas also offer treatments to improve the general skin appearance, lighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, treat breakouts and reduce scarring. 

Who Performs Treatments? 

This will depend on which treatment is being offered. Whoever is in charge of the clinic will oversee all procedures that fall under the medical realm. More routine spa therapies are handled by estheticians or a skincare therapist. Skincare therapists handle all cosmetic procedures including wraps, body scrubs, and massages, as well as certain non-invasive treatments such as superficial chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and acne treatment facials. Generally, all medical spas must be under a physician. 

Where Should You Go For Acne Treatment 

This will depend on your treatment objectives. If you want the option of treating your acne with standard acne medication as well as professional procedures, then you can consider going to a medical spa. Consider if the idea of spending time in a spa-like environment appeals to you and if you're willing to pay for the treatment out-of-pocket (insurance doesn't cover cosmetic procedures). If you're willing, a medical spa can help with your acne treatment. You can also successfully treat your acne without visiting a medical spa. You can do this with an oral and/or topical medication, which can be given to you from your regular physician or dermatologist. 

You can also see your dermatologist or physician at their office premises for an in-office treatment procedure, with no spa needed.

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