Trending Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

trending cosmetic dermatology treatments remove dark spots skin

Cosmetic Dermatology 

Cosmetic dermatology treatments have become not only popular but also trending. Microneedling, laser hair removal, and tattoo removal in Arlington, VA are among the top 10 cosmetic procedures performed in many skin treatment facilities. Many dermatologists are now adequately equipped and competent in a variety of these cosmetic procedures. Whether it is getting that stubborn hair removed by the use of lasers or getting rid of that tattoo you regret getting, the process is easy as all these services are readily available in Arlington, VA. The SkinDC dermatology center provides all these services, and many more and dermatologist’s say that the state of the art equipment make the treatments swift and tolerable. 

Cryotherapy Dark Spot Modification 

If you suffer from freckles or moles that are visually unattractive, you need not worry as there are new devices invented that modify such imperfections. This medical equipment recognized as cryo correct possesses the capability to scrape off these moles or freckles with very little to no scarring. This device works by producing carbon dioxide in a precise manner that facilitates the removal of anything on the surface of the skin ranging from keratosis to growths, moles, and freckles. Initially skin surface defects like moles and freckles were hard to treat using the manual or laser techniques used. This contemporary device is fast, efficient and can be used on all skin tone as well as types. As early as three weeks, change on the skin's surface is noticeable, and the treatment usually becomes complete in about 42 to 84 days. 


This is the treatment of unwanted veins that appear mainly during the cold season on the legs. The veins can be removed by the use of sclerotherapy or medication administered through injections. During the treatment process, you might realize that the veins might become even more unsightly just before they disappear. This treatment requires you to inject the vein with a salt solution directly, which will help in disintegrating it and minimizing it. 

You are advised to put on compression leggings during and after the treatment process to aid in accelerating the vein healing process. 

Laser Hair Removal 

If you plan on removing hair from your body by the use of laser machines, it is essential to learn about your skin tone. If you have an even skin tone, the process will be faster, and vice versa is accurate. Dermatologists often advise people to do laser hair removal during winter as the skin is minimally exposed to the sun; hence, it's not tanned, and the skin tone is more even. If you want to get permanent results, you might have to go for about four sessions for the process to be effective. However, a three-week interval gap has to be maintained during the sessions. 

Microneedling And Chemical Peels 

The most ideal to use chemical peels or microneedling is during the cold season, especially in winter. This is because these procedures enhance the sensitivity of the skin to elements like the sun. The increased sensitivity often results in swelling or inflammation when exposed to the sun or heat. It is, therefore, important to consider the prevailing weather condition when you are booking your chemical peeling or microneedling treatment. 

Tattoo Removal 

Tattoo removal has been a challenging issue for many individuals who regret or outgrew the permanent tattoos they got. All you have to do is book your appointment today and have that tattoo professionally removed by a dermatologist. You will undergo several sessions before the tattoo is removed, depending on the size and details of the tattoo.

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