What To Consider Before Getting A Body Piercing Or Tattoo

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Body alterations such as piercings and tattoos can be great if you get them right; but a source of regret if you get them wrong. Body piercings aren’t as detrimental visually as tattoos, as piercings can easily be taken out and healed, but with the latter, you need to be sure you’re happy with the permanent ink on your skin. 

Acting on impulse isn’t advised with body modifications, here is a list of factors to consider before booking that appointment. 


The Long Term 

Nobody likes to think about the future, or see themselves as old. However, if you can’t visualize your tattoo adorning the arm of your 80 year old self or the idea of having the same tattoo as a 40 year old, then you shouldn’t get the tattoo. This body modification isn’t just for the here and now, it’s for the long term. 

If you’re uncertain, you can always try temporary tattoos to see how you feel about a design on your skin. There is also the option for tattoo removal and fading from www.counterpunchlaser.com down the line. 

The Positioning 

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to a tattoo, so if a large, obvious tattoo in a visible place is really what you want, you should invest in that, but make sure to think about it first. Consider your lifestyle throughout the year, including different seasons which require more skin to be shown. 

If a less-obvious tattoo is preferable, then opt for a very small, subtle tattoo in a place easily hidden – at least for your very first one. 

Your Lifestyle 

Certain jobs clearly specify that they do not accept tattoos, such as an air steward or stewardess, or else tattoos that can easily be covered by clothing. Therefore you need to consider not only your current job, but any job you may wish to have in the future. 

Body Piercings 

The Healing Time 

Depending on the piercing, it will require a certain amount of care and healing, and this includes the necessity to keep the piercing in for a certain amount of time. You need to be sure you can commit to the proper care, and that you’re able to wear the piercing without taking it out while it recovers. 

What Kind Of Piercing, And Where 

The number of piercings available has progressed over the years; where it used to be simply the ears or belly button, the industry has now moved to obscure places, such as other parts of the ear, the tongue or anywhere on your face – or pretty much anywhere on the body, for that matter. 

Take the time to consider where best you would like your piercing, and why. 

Your Lifestyle 

Similar to a tattoo, certain jobs may not favor visible piercings, or perhaps your job or lifestyle won’t permit you to safely adhere to the healing time. Piercings can easily be taken out once they have healed if required for whilst you’re at work, but consider the situation overall.

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