How To Manage Your Weight

how to manage your weight tips weightloss

Weight Management 

Weight management is one of the toughest things that many people battle with today in Lady Lake and The Villages, FL. Family practice physicians in the Villages, FL and Lady Lake estimate that about 17% of teenagers and children in the region suffer from obesity or being overweight. Obesity is a chronic health issue that enhances the chances of an individual developing other chronic health diseases like Type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, fatty liver disorder, stroke, heart disease, among others. Most individuals suffering from obesity or being overweight need to be physically active, exercise on a regular basis and eat a healthy diet to help shed off the extra pounds and avoid gaining any extra weight. 

Tips To Effectively Manage Your Weight 

The first significant tip is reducing the number of food portions eaten. The meals need to be precisely portioned in a manner that allows proper nutrition while at the same time, cutting down on the calorie intake. Nutrition specialists propose that a quarter of the meal should consist of lean protein like chicken breast or salmon, another quarter should be made up of unrefined grains like brown rice while the other half of the meal should comprise of a variety of vegetables. In case after the meal, you are still feeling hungry; it is advisable to delay for twenty more minutes before eating another properly portioned meal. The twenty or so minutes delay is to allow the food eaten to be digested. Instead of eating another meal, it is advisable to take more vegetables, pieces of fruit or a salad. 


The second important tip is eating all meals without failure, an average of at least three meals a day in addition to snacks. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it should not be skipped! Eating a healthy breakfast starts off the metabolism process, which is essential as the body is fueled through food energy. When there is inadequate energy in the body, one is not able to function efficiently. 


The third tip is the intake of calories during the beginning of the day up to about midday. Taking in the majority of calories during the first half of the day allows the body to digest and utilize them throughout the day fully. To ensure that no hunger pangs are experienced at night, it is important to snack in between meals. The snacking should be in controlled portions. At night the meals should be very light to coincide with the physical inactiveness. 


The next tip to effectively manage your weight is more intake of fiber. Nutrition specialists say that a huge majority of women do not take in the recommended 25 to 30 grams of fiber on a daily basis. There are certain foods that can help increase fiber intakes in the body, such as eating cereals and whole wheat meals. Soluble fibers have the capability to reduce the cholesterol levels as it helps an individual fill more easily hence less intake of food. Good examples of soluble fibers include barley, legumes, fruits, vegetables, oats, psyllium, and oat bran. Recommended insoluble fibers for your diet include products derived from whole wheat like bread and pasta, cereals, root vegetables, corn, cereals and other vegetables like potatoes, green beans, and broccoli.

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