Beginner Guide To Feminized Hemp Seeds

If you are involved in any hemp farming activity, you might know and understand why it is essential for farmers to opt for feminized hemp seeds. Otherwise, you may not entirely understand this topic’s importance. 

Now, if you are interested in hemp production, given it is legal in your state, you must know a few things first to have an abundant harvest without having your hands scorched season after season. Want to these things? Then read on to learn more! 

Why Feminized Hemp Seeds? 

You might be wondering what is the importance of the feminized hemp seeds, right? Well, your question will be answered after this sentence. Female cannabis plants are the only ones that contain the compound called cannabinoids, which is what people or every farmer is keenly after. 

Two types of cannabinoids found in any cannabis products are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Both compounds are the ones that drive the demand in the cannabis market nowadays. 

Further, the reason why farmers prefer the feminized seeds is that it guarantees the growth of female cannabis plants for about 99 percent all the time. With this said, most feminized seeds might have scientifically tampered since it is bred explicitly in a way that eliminates the male “genes” or chromosomes. It then drastically decreases the chances of having a male cannabis plant. 

As such, with this process, one can say that the male cannabis plants are not as desirable as the female cannabis plants, except when it comes to pollination. 

How Is A Cannabis Seed Feminized? 

Are you wondering how a cannabis seed feminized? There are two ways. One is through a natural process, and the other is through an artificial method that utilizes silver. Here are in-depth explanations about the two processes. 

1. Natural Process Or Rodelization 

Rodelization is the natural process to make feminized hemp seeds. Through this process, a female cannabis plant that contains hermaphrodite traits will be put under the light of cycle interruption. 

What Are Hermaphroditic Plants? 

A plant with a hermaphrodite trait can produce both male and female reproduction systems. They are typically true bisexual and self-pollinating plants. Examples of hermaphroditic plants are vining crops like pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers, which all produce both male and female flowers. 

Since they’re self-pollinating plants, hermaphroditic plants don’t depend on insects like bees and butterflies to reproduce. Usually, it’s the wind or the gravity itself that drives their pollination. 

Further, the Rodelization process results in making the flowering stage of the plant stagnate. Meaning, it stays in the said stage for much longer than what is normal. During this period, the female cannabis develops pollen sacs, which is then harvested by the farmers and is applied to another female plant that does not show any hermaphrodite signs. After the said processes, the seeds of both female and hermaphrodite plants are deemed as the female seeds and are then harvested. 

However, one should bear in mind that most cannabis plants are naturally predominantly hermaphrodite. It is not uncommon that the produced pollen by the female plant would transfer its traits to the seeds. In other words, this Rodelization process is not 100 percent effective. 

2. Artificial Process Or Colloidal Silver 

While Rodelization is the natural process, Colloidal Silver is deemed to be the artificial process of creating female cannabis seeds. Even so, it is considered more effective than Rodelization. In this process, after a female cannabis plant has flowered, it will be sprayed with colloidal silver daily for about 14 days. 

The silver solution application on the plant slows down ethylene, resulting in the growth of male flowers with pollen sacs. The said pollen is then harvested and is used to fertilize another female plant whose outcome is 100 percent feminized seeds. 

Why colloidal silver better than the natural process? You can control seed production. More importantly, you can manage in producing feminized seeds only by utilizing two female cannabis or even clone-only strains. 

The majority of the growers find it easy to buy colloidal silver solutions as ready-made since it is less hassle. However, this does not mean to say that you cannot make the solution by yourself. 

In making the silver solution, all you have to do is to have a few alligator clips with a soldering iron, pure silver, a 9-volt battery, and a distilled water. After combining these materials, your do-it-yourself colloidal silver is ready. 


As mentioned, it takes about 14 days to have substantial progress in the feminizing process of your plant. Make sure that you equip yourself with patience. Also, follow proper guidelines and procedures when dealing with cannabis plants to avoid any potential incidents and disruption during the processes.

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