Crowns - What You Need To Know

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Are you searching for a dentist who can provide cosmetic dentistry in Jersey City, NJ? Perhaps you want to get your teeth whitened? Or are considering getting crowns or veneers? If you're looking for a dental practice that can provide crowns in Jersey City, don't hesitate to contact Dental Professionals of Jersey City. The dental practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including crowns, Invisalign, teeth whitening and dentures, as well as oral surgery in Jersey City, NJ. 

This article will look at how dentists use crowns to help improve the look of your smile and the health of your teeth. 

What Are Crowns? 

Do you have missing or broken teeth? Perhaps you are embarrassed to smile because your teeth are making you too self-conscious. If so, talk to your dentist about getting crowns. 

Crowns are prosthetic devices used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your smile. They are usually permanently fixed into your mouth, and like dentures are used to replace lost teeth. Modern updates in technology and treatments have allowed dentists to replace missing teeth without the patient having to have cumbersome, removable dentures. Patients no longer have to remove false teeth every day for cleaning. Crowns cemented onto existing teeth or other implants to help hold them in place and are a permanent part of your mouth. These types of dentures can only be removed by a dentist. 

When Are Crowns Used? 

As well as replacing a damaged tooth, crowns can also be used to cover up teeth that are damaged. If you have a tooth that has the top broken off it, but the roots are still strong, your dentist may recommend a crown. Dentists can cap such teeth, and this avoids you having to have the tooth completely removed. The advantage of this is that a crown can be used to strengthen the damaged tooth. It will also improve your tooths appearance and the overall look of your smile. Crowns help to enhance the shape and alignment of your teeth. 

In many cases, crowns are also used on top of an implanted tooth. This helps to create a tooth-like shape. The tooth's structure and function will also be more effective. Crowns are made from long-lasting and hard-wearing materials such as porcelain or ceramic. These materials can be matched precisely to the color of your teeth. Sometimes dental patients choose to have their crowns created from gold, other metals, or acrylic. The advantage of this is that it provides added strength. Many dentists recommend using a more durable material for the back teeth. A metal shell can be created with porcelain on top. This has the added benefit of being both strong and attractive. 

Another reason that people have crowns on their teeth is if they need a large filling but don't have a sufficient amount of their original tooth left. Crowns can help protect weak and damaged teeth and reduce the likely hood of the tooth fracturing. In patients who have an already fractured tooth, a crown can be used to help restore it to its original function and make it look more attractive with your smile.

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