How To Save Money In Dental Care

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Dentists like Dr. Phillip Chien offer dental services such as teeth whitening, root canals and orthodontics. However, these procedures can be expensive since they require a lot of skill and specialized equipment. 

The price of such procedures can be reduced or evaded altogether using certain tips including: 

Asking Around 

The best way to get a cheap price for a dentist is by comparing different prices from various dentists. You can compare different quotes from different dentists and find the cheapest one. 

Therefore, ask as much as you can about the procedure you are having. Find ways to pay less according to the answers you receive. 

Search For Discounts 

There are also great discounts to be had in dentist offices but most people rarely use them. You can save between ten and sixty percent using a discount from the dentist’s office. 

You should know that these discounts are different from insurance discounts so you should know exactly what discount you are getting. Most discounts usually last for only 24 to 72 hours. 

Dental Schools 

You will often find dental services being offered in dental schools. These schools will also offer their services for way less than a certified dentist’s office or a hospital. 

You should not be worried about the quality of the work since all procedures are conducted under the guidance of an instructor. However, you may have to wait longer since the procedures are being conducted by students. 

Free Dental Days 

Dentists’ offices and hospitals usually have a free dental day as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. They are meant to be dental services for those who cannot afford them. 

Though you are likely to save a lot of money by having a free dental procedure, you are also going to experience unbelievably long queues and restricted services. The point is to save money and everything has a price even though it may not be in monetary terms. 

Look For Charities 

There are plenty of non-profit dental organizations. These charities also provide free dental care especially to the downtrodden. 

You can also try and find low-cost dental and community clinics that offer dental care to those who cannot afford it. Such charitable organizations will help you save money but the quality of the services may not be what you are used to. 


The art of business is the art of negotiations. Even dentists have to negotiate from time to time to stay in business. 

Therefore, when you are visiting a dentist and they quote you a higher price, you should always try and see if there is room for negotiation. It may be more difficult than it sounds but if you are confident enough in your negotiation skills, there are always deals to be had. 


To save money in dental care, you should always check to see what promotions are being offered. Most promotions are aimed at gaining new patients which is perfect if you want to save money. 

Check online and traditional platforms like newspapers daily to look out for special promotions. You might just find incredible dental care at an unbelievable price.

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