Is Recurrent Pregnancy Loss The Biggest Scare?

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Imagine nursing a pregnancy for several months, with the hope that you will have a bouncing baby girl. That you only get one baby. One. Unfortunately, this pregnancy does not reach maturity. And perhaps it does not stop there. It keeps repeating. Year after year, you get the same results. 

Indeed, it could be devastating and mind-draining. These ladies will feel crushed with this nightmare that won't end. It passes as a statement that would be heartbreaking to read. But this is the story of many women out there. Women whose only dream is to get a kid to call their own. But perhaps visiting Wayne Fertility Preservation would help. 

Recurrent pregnancy loss is, indeed, one of the significant dream killers. It has crashed the souls of many. But what hurts most is that there isn’t much information on this subject. It is in this regard that we explore a few variables that you should always have in mind. 

What Causes Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 

First, it would be right to mention that recurrent pregnancy loss is when you have two or more failed pregnancies. All pregnancy losses merit comprehensive review and carefully so. It will be through this that establishing the cause will be much easier. 

Various factors go into causing this pregnancy loss. Some of the most prominent causes include the following. 

· Uterine abnormalities are not only prevalent but also stressful. The anomaly could be congenital, acquired, or developed. 

· Immunologic dysfunction could also result in recurrent pregnancy losses in the long run. It highlights a dysregulation of your healthy maternal immunity. Without enhanced immunity, the fetus is less likely to survive. 

· Parental chromosomal abnormalities are also significant contributors to miscarriages. Usually, you will meet multiple structural chromosomal anomalies. 

· Antiphospholipid syndrome. Ever heard about APS? It is an autoimmune condition that seeks to clot blood in arteries and also result in premature births. 

· Further, you will witness that there are various medical conditions, including inherited thrombophilia, which exposes you to miscarriages. These conditions could result in the clotting of blood, making it hard to carry the pregnancy to term. 

Is there hope for this condition? 

Indeed, yes. Well, we have various therapies that you could consider in this regard. For as long as you get the right expert, you will be good to go. However, it would be best for you to start by noting some of the most prominent symptoms. 

In most cases, you will witness vaginal spots, a decrease in breast fullness or tenderness, and the absence of fetal heartbeats. Once you start seeing these signs, it would be right to visit an expert. Perhaps, it would be your only source of peace of mind. 

These experts will play a significant role in testing and diagnosing the problem. Usually, they will carry out hormonal, structural, uterine lining, genetic, and immunological exams. 

Ideally, recurrent pregnancy losses will often be depressing, devastating, and sad. However, while there are limited chances of getting a child, treatment will come in handy for you. With the right expert, you will have nothing to worry about.

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