6 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Gender Reveal Ultrasound

how to prepare for ob/gyn gender reveal ultrasound doctor appointment

Most soon-to-be mothers can’t wait to find out their baby’s gender. Luckily for them, by the 16th week, a gender reveal ultrasound is not only possible but also 95% accurate. If you need to get essential information about the proper development and health of your baby, set an appointment for a gender reveal in Chesapeake. 

The excitement and anxiousness surrounding a gender reveal can sometimes make you forget to prepare for it. Below is a list of 6 recommendations that will help you get the best out of this important day. 

1. Make A Timely Appointment 

There are several factors to consider when scheduling a gender reveal scan. The most important one being the chances of the results being accurate. Specialists can usually get the most precise reading between the 16th and 20th week, so plan to go in around that time. 

Further, the quality of the results is highly dependent on how active your baby is. Try to go in at a time when they are awake and moving. The movement makes it easier to capture facial expressions as well as get them to move their hands and feet if they are blocking the gender. 

2. Hydrate A Lot The Week Before Your Appointment 

Hydration significantly affects the quality of pictures taken and enhances the operation of ultrasound waves. Drinking water improves the clarity and quality of amniotic fluid, which means you have a higher chance of getting clearer images. Therefore, drink as much water as possible during the week leading to your gender reveal scan and approximately 20 minutes before you go into the office. 

3. Eat Something Right Before Your Appointment 

Eat or drink something light and preferably sugary before your appointment. You can try a chocolate bar, cake, or fruit juice. The sugar will help get the baby active and moving during the scan. It will ultimately be easier to read the gender than if they were napping. 

4. Use The Restroom Before The Appointment 

Even though it is vital to remain hydrated the week before your appointment, your bladder doesn't need to be full bladder for the ultrasound itself. You should empty your bladder before you go in for your scan. Freeing up room in your belly can help your doctor get better pictures of the baby. You will also be more relaxed. 

5. Dress Comfortably 

A gender reveal can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. You want to wear something comfortable as you’ll probably have to adjust it for the ultrasound. Most doctors advise mothers to wear loose pants as you’ll only need to pull them down a bit. 

If you choose to go with a dress, nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about being exposed as most specialists will offer you a blanket. 

6. Bring Some Support With You 

A gender reveal ultrasound is a significant and exciting time for any mother. Unless you want the scan to be a private affair, invite some friends and family. Most facilities have ultrasound suites large enough to hold you and a few other people. 

Additionally, some specialists will allow you to stream the entire process live so you can share it with anyone who couldn’t make it. 


After you’ve put all these things in order for your gender reveal OB/GYN appointment, it is time to be excited. You are about to find out whether you’re shopping in the blue or pink aisle, which is an exciting prospect. Have fun with it, and remember to relax. Your baby will appreciate it, regardless of the baby's gender.

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