All About Pregnancy Ultrasounds

all about pregnancy ultrasounds obgyn

Pregnancy ultrasounds are some of the most commonly performed tests during pregnancy. The test involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to image the fetus and the mother's reproductive system. A pregnancy ultrasound in Lake Nona helps when it comes to monitoring the progress of a normal pregnancy and screening for any potential problems. The number of pregnancy ultrasound tests required varies from one pregnancy to another, and therefore, you can expect your OB/GYN to ask you to go for as many as necessary ultrasound tests throughout your pregnancy. 

Why Are Pregnancy Ultrasound Tests Important? 

There are a number of reasons why ultrasound tests are performed during pregnancy. Your OB/GYN could order for more pregnancy ultrasound tests if there were problems in the previous blood or ultrasound tests. Although ultrasounds are generally safe and can be done for non-medical reasons, practitioners discourage going for ultrasounds when there is no apparent medical reason for it. In the first trimester, ultrasound tests can effectively be used to: 

• Confirm pregnancy 
• Determine the gestational age of the developing baby 
• Check the fetal heartbeat 
• Check for multiple gestations 
• Look for abnormal fetal growth 
• Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy 
• Examine the condition of the mother's uterus, ovaries, and cervix 

During the second and third trimester, ultrasound tests are equally important. Some of the reasons why they are performed in these pregnancy stages include: 

• Determining the sex of the baby 
• Monitoring the baby's growth and position 
• Confirming multiple pregnancies 
• Checking for congenital abnormalities 
• Monitoring amniotic fluid levels 
• Determining if the baby is getting adequate oxygen 
• Diagnosing any problems with the uterus or ovaries
• Determining the length of the cervix 

Types Of Ultrasounds 

There are several types of ultrasounds. Some of them include traditional 2-D ultrasounds, 3-D ultrasounds, and 4-D ultrasounds. 2-D ultrasounds provide two- dimensional images of the fetus and the mother's reproductive system. On the other hand, 3-D ultrasounds enable the doctor to see the length, width, and height of the fetus and the mother's reproduction organs. The 4-D ultrasounds go beyond the 3-D ultrasounds to provide the doctor with a moving video of the fetus. 

Preparing For A Pregnancy Ultrasound 

Your doctor is going to advise you on how you should prepare for the procedure. But generally, it is important for you to go with a full bladder, especially for tests that are done early during the pregnancy. This helps in providing clear images. Therefore, you should drink a lot of water and avoid urinating until the test is done. It is also advisable for you to wear comfortable clothes that you can easily pull up during the test. 

The Takeaway 

Overall, it is apparent that the importance of ultrasound tests during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. These tests are important when it comes to monitoring the progress of a pregnancy. If you are looking for a reliable OB/GYN offering pregnancy ultrasounds in or around Winter Park, FL, Contemporary Women's Care is an excellent women's care facility to visit. Feel free to contact them today for more information.

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