What Can General Dentistry Offer You?

what is general dentistry

It can be easy to overlook dentistry when it comes to health care, but it is just as important as your regular checkups with a physician. After all, teeth take care of us in many ways from presenting a winning smile to helping us properly chew and digest food. Find out the many ways general dentistry and specialties such as San Ramon Invisalign options help people every day. 

Preventative Care 

There are different steps that a dentist like one from American Family Dentistry and Orthodontics can take to help someone have good dental health. A patient comes in for an exam twice a year; during the exam, a dentist will take x-rays for diagnostic purposes. There will be a professional cleaning that includes tooth scaling, tooth polishing, and debridement if needed. 

● Tooth scaling removes plaque that regular brushing does not get. 
● Tooth polishing helps get rid of stains as well as smooth the teeth. 
● Debridement gets into harder to reach areas to remove tartar and plaque. 

After the cleaning, the dental health professionals check teeth and gums for any problems like cavities or gum disease and also look at the x-rays. The dentist goes over what someone might need to do at home to improve their oral health, this can be a different toothbrush or toothpaste. At this time they might suggest that other treatments may be needed. Some treatments may be outside of the bounds of general dentistry; these cases are often referred to as orthodontists and oral surgeons. Sealants and fluoride treatments can offer protection for the teeth. They are administered via a cup or vial, after which the patient swishes them around their mouth for a minute or two. Instead of swallowing, they spit it out quickly afterward. 

Restorative Procedures 

If there is a problem with teeth the dentist will take care of it, this is known as restorative in nature. For teeth with cavities a dentist will use a filling after taking out the decay; there are several types of filling materials that can be used. Gold, silver amalgam, plastic and composite resin are popular choices to take care of cavities. A crown is used when the cavity is too big or there is a break; it provides a cover for the entire tooth that offers additional strength. If a tooth or teeth are lost, a bridge will fill the area and keep the teeth in line. General dentistry also provides for extractions or root canals when needed. In some cases, an oral surgeon or specialist may be needed to take care of an intricate procedure. A dentist can determine which patients need the help of an outside specialist or advise patients of their choices. If at all possible, the dentist will keep the procedures in the office. 

Other Procedures 

Getting a whiter smile is a top concern of most people; a general dentist can take care of procedures that will ensure the look that someone wants. These dentists offer in-office bleaching as part of the whitening process with several procedures needed to complete a certain color level. Cosmetic bonding is a composite resin that is put on the teeth that need repair and is used for chipped, broken or even off-color teeth.

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