When Should You Call A Sports Medicine Doctor?

when to call a sports medicine doctor

A Sugar Land sports medicine doctor is a medical practitioner who has training in treating conditions that typically affect people who are active in sports. They can help you prevent, manage, or treat sports-related injuries. They may work in family or rehabilitation practice. Others may be orthopedics. Sports medicine doctors may be surgeons or non-surgeons. Even though sports medicine doctors mostly work with athletes, they may also work with anyone who occasionally exercises or plays sports. Usually, your primary doctor will examine your injuries and refer you to a sports doctor. 

Reasons Why You May Need A Sports Medicine Doctor 

You may need treatment from a sports medicine doctor if you have any of the following injuries; 

● Exercise-induced asthma 
● Fractures 
● A sprained ankle 
● Shoulder injuries 
● Knee injuries 
● Cartilage injuries 
● Concussions 

You may also consult a sports medicine doctor if you have questions about injury prevention, diet, or supplements. If you have sustained a significant injury during sports, you should go to an emergency room. You don’t need to wait to see a sports medicine doctor. The following are some instances when calling a sports medicine doctor may be a good idea. 

1. Before Getting An Injury 

The best time to see a sports medicine doctor is before you get an injury. They can give you the tips you need to prevent injuries. This is important if you plan to start a new sport or you haven’t been physically active for some time. A preventive visit may include; 

● Advice on how to use your equipment safely 
● A physical exam to ensure that you are healthy enough for the sport 
● Advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle 
● Nutrition advice 

2. After Sustaining Acute Sports Injuries 

Acute injuries may occur when playing any sports. Some of the most common injuries include; strains, sprains, broken bones, knee injuries, and dislocated joints. Common symptoms of an acute injury include; 

● Swelling 
● Joints or bones that appear to be out of place 
● Sudden pain 
● Loss of movement 

3. When You Need Orthopedic Surgery 

Orthopedic surgery may be necessary if you have a dislocated joint or broken bone. The surgery may be used to repair torn ligaments and tendons or to treat rotator cuff injuries. 

4. If You Have A Chronic Sports Injury 

You may have chronic sports injuries after a long period of training too hard or for too long. Common chronic sports injuries include rotator cuff injuries and cracked bones. Some of the most common symptoms of chronic sports injuries include; 

● Swelling that may get worse when you stop physical activity 
● Pain when you try to exercise 
● An ache that doesn’t stop when you rest 

5. When Recovering From Sports Injuries 

If you are recovering from a sports injury, consult a sports medicine doctor and they will guide you through the process. They will let you know when it is safe to get back to sports. Your sports medicine doctor may help you create a recovery schedule. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or just someone who likes to exercise, you may need the help of a sports medicine doctor at some point. Choose one that is experienced and willing to help you meet your goals.

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