6 Smart Ways To Finance Quality Dental Care Even If You Have Bad Credit

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Many people don’t like visiting a dentist, but the visit can be made even more unpleasant thanks to the potentially huge financial cost. While a normal filling would only set you back a few hundred bucks, you might potentially incur a four-digit cost due to major dental surgery. 

Money shouldn't be an obstacle to having the best smile and oral wellbeing you can. In this guide, you will find smart ways to finance dental procedures. 

1. Third-Party Financing 

Many dentists do provide third-party patient financing options. They are a kind of short-term lending program for clinical care. Those facilities are provided at the discretion of the company. 

Typically, at the time of operation, a sort of down-payment is expected and they will usually review your credit score to make sure you are eligible. However, the rate you get through in-house lending from your dentist may be considerably higher than the rates you will be able to get elsewhere. If you need a cost-friendly dentist, be sure to contact this dentist in west seattle wa for urgent dental care and treatments.

2. Medical Credit Cards 

Medical credit cards work much the same as any credit card. The downside is that only companies who accept these kinds of cards will use them to pay for medical expenses. Like payment plans, these cards usually offer deferred interest for a number of months, meaning you can pay off the balance without interest charges immediately. 

3. Personal Dental Loans 

Personal dental loans are usually financial loans intended to pay for dental care. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used for just about anything and due to the versatility, more individuals are using personal loans to pay for medical costs out of pocket. 

You can use personal dental loans to fund procedures such as dental implants. Using a personal loan to fund dental care (dental loan) could be a safer choice than using a credit card. The lower the interest rate, the lower the monthly contribution you make. And with personal loans, interest rates tend to be smaller than that of credit cards. 

4. In-House Financing 

It would be much more affordable to pay a bill on a weekly or monthly basis than to pay it in a lump sum. It is for this purpose that dental clinics will provide adjustable payment options for non- insurance procedures. 

Some dental offices can provide different rates based on the situation, so ask your dental office if they are offering in-house funding for expensive procedures. 

Such kinds of mortgage loans also come with little or no interest rates and if your dentist provides this program, it will save you a lot of money. 

5. Dental Insurance 

Dental insurance is one of the most popular dental funding solutions that can assist with the cost of dental care by providing you with a way to make regular annual contributions for your costs (or at least a portion thereof). Most plans also have annual caps, so don't expect the insurance to cover all of the expenses anytime you visit the dentist, particularly if you have bad oral health and frequently need dental work. 

6. Dental School Clinics 

Dental school clinics can be a perfect option for dental care at a reduced cost. To get certified, dental students need the training but not everyone is willing to become their first patient. The dental care is not entirely free but much more affordable than a standard dental clinic. Many would bill you depending on your salary. 

How To Pay For Quality Dental Work With Bad Credit 

Although bad credit takes a more imaginative approach when seeking a dental loan, you do have several options. 

Whether you are taking out a loan or borrowing from your home equity, they are ways to finance the dental care you need. Both of the aforementioned solutions are also applicable to patients with bad credit. However, you can expect higher interest rates to compensate. 


Your financial and dental wellbeing will be enhanced by taking the time to consider your choices and commitments. Being positive about the wellbeing of your mouth would keep you smiling confidently for years to come. That's because routine dental checks by trained dental practitioners will improve your overall health and wellness by finding issues before they arise. 

Do your homework, read the fine print, ask lots of questions and be sure to seek out professional financial or credit advice.

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