5 Easy Office Cleaning Tips for the Busy Worker

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In today’s fast-paced world, most office employees aren’t concerned with how clean and organized their space is. This means busy, high-energy offices will become a wreck in no time. 

Unfortunately, a messy office isn’t only unsightly. Excessive dinginess and clutter can also have a negative impact on productivity. 

The good news is, there are easy ways to keep your office looking great. Keep reading for five office organization ideas and cleaning tips. 

1. Let the Purging Begin 

In an office, unneeded items only get in the way. It’s important to purge the entire workspace at least once a year. 

Take an inventory of all office equipment, furniture, and supplies. If employees aren’t using something regularly, there’s a good chance you can do without it. 

If you don’t want to get rid of certain items, think about renting a storage space. This allows you to maintain a level of minimalism and hold onto things you may use in the future. 

2. Labels Are Your Friend 

Some items such as office supplies and files are necessary, but also take up space. Organize these things by using labels and containers. 

This is especially helpful if you have an IT department. Invest in streamlined shelving and label each container to keep things tidy. 

If you must have a file cabinet, you need to label every drawer. Make sure all employees understand that files must remain in their proper spot when not in use. 

3. The Dreaded Break Room 

One of the dirtiest spaces in any office is the breakroom. It only takes a few days for expired food to collect in the refrigerator and gunk to cover the inside of the microwave. 

The best way to prevent this is to post some basic rules on the break room wall. Removing Tupperware and cleaning up after meals is every employee’s responsibility. 

For large offices, this approach may not work. In these cases, commercial office cleaning services are the best bet. 

4. Create Work Zones 

One way to keep things both clean and organized is to create separate work zones for different tasks. This is helpful in offices where teams meet to brainstorm and collaborate. 

Designate a space in the office for team meetings, but keep it clear of any supplies or computers. Employees should only bring what they need to the meetings and take it with them when they return to their desks. 

5. Accountability 

An easy way to maintain a clean and organized office is to make each employee accountable for their personal space. Desks, computers, and equipment should get wiped down regularly.

Employees should also make sure they take home personal items at the end of each week. It’s amazing how fast these things can build up and create clutter. 

A good tactic is to designate a cleanup time at the end of each week. This way the office looks great on Monday morning. 

Incorporate These Office Organization Ideas 

Your staff and clients don’t want to see a grimy, cluttered office when they walk through the door. It reflects poorly on the business and hurts your work productivity

Use these office organization ideas and cleaning tips and maintain a great looking workspace. 

We hope this article on office organization ideas and workplace cleaning tips was helpful. Take a look through the rest of our site for more business information to help keep your office sterilized, clean, safe, and organized. 

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