How Age Affects Your Facial Proportions

how age affects facial proportions smooth face

It is hard for you to believe what you are seeing in the mirror. The smooth rounded face you had some years back is gone. Your face has a thin chin and wrinkles appear on your forehead. You need a Boca Raton wrinkle relief specialist to help slow down the inevitable changes affecting your facial muscle, fat, and bones so that you can once again look younger. 

The Triangle Of Youth And Pyramid Of Age 

During your youthful age, your facial features are distinct. Your jawline is contoured while your cheekbone is elevated. This triangle of youth has its base at the top while its apex is at the bottom, area around your chin. 

As age sets in, the triangle becomes inverted, with the base being at the chin and the apex between your eyes. Unlike during your youthful days, your mid and upper face is no longer the base since your lower face becomes much heavier. This change results from several factors. 

Major Effects Of Aging On The Face 

As you age your facial fat pads get thin, making them shift downwards. Fat pads help provide fullness and volume to the face, making you have tight contours. The shift in the position of fat pads makes your face not to look round as it once did. Among the warning signs of a shift in facial fat pads include fat accumulation below the chin, shrinking of cheeks, drooping eyelids, and appearance of hollows under the eyes. 

Your facial muscles, located under the fat pad also begin to lose mass as you age. This results in the formation of creases, and wrinkles on your face. Loss of muscle tone can also cause your face to sag and have an undefined appearance. 

Your skin, fat, and muscles around the face are supported by facial bones. These bones give your face its unique shape. As age sets in, these bones lose their mass, making your cheeks flatten, your lower jaw look less defined, and your eye sockets appear bigger. 

Ways To Regain Your Youthful Look

It is hard to avoid the effects of aging on your skin. However, there are procedures that can help give you a youthful look. Dr. Jason Pozner will analyze your face and discuss the available treatment plans which can help you look your best. 

Dermal fillers are an excellent option for restoring lost facial volume. They are strategically injected into your skin to help fill and lift sunken facial areas. Dr. Jason Pozner can also use fat grafting to help fill sunken areas on your face. Kybella injections will also be used to get rid of fat below your chin. 

Your doctor may recommend surgical procedures including blepharoplasty to address concerns such as repositioning the skin, fat, and muscle that surrounds the eye. Neck lift and facelift surgery can help in reshaping the tissues beneath to help tighten your facial contours. 

Are you concerned that your face is making you look older than you really are? Sanctuary Medical Center has answers to your concerns about regaining a youthful look. Book a consultation today to have our Board-certified doctors help get your desired looks.

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