How Much Does Commercial Landscaping Cost?

how much does commercial landscaping cost

The landscaping industry is booming. In the US, it has an annual revenue of $93 billion. 

Of course, you want high-quality commercial landscaping maintenance for your business. But what does that cost and what factors determine the price? 

Read on to find out more about commercial landscaping costs. 

Consider The Size And Layout Of Your Property 

One of the biggest factors that commercial landscape companies take into account when calculating pricing is the property's turf area. 

The company will use those measurements plus other factors and come up with a bid. 

Closely related to size is the layout. A large, flat soccer field takes less time to maintain that the same square footage of space broken into parking lot islands or walkways. 

The Scope Of Commercial Landscaping 

The next item that determines landscaping prices per hour is what specific services you want for your space. 

Typically, basic property maintenance landscaping includes the following: 

• Mowing 
• Trimming and edging 
• Mulching 
• Fertilizer and pesticides 
• Pest management 
• Tree and shrub pruning 
• Yard cleanup 

Of course, you can always customize your package according to your needs. Perhaps you also need trees or bushes removed or planted. Or you might need repairs to your irrigation system. 

Keep in mind that every landscaping task requires specific equipment that must be transported to your site. 

How Many Site Visits You Want 

Commercial landscaping maintenance can be a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily job.

The frequency of visits in a given month plays a big part of the total cost to you. But you don't just choose the number of visits you want. The frequency of visits really depends on what you expect as well as your site. 

Commercial properties with plants that require a lot of maintenance will require more visits. Also, if you have high-traffic areas that you want to keep to a certain standard, you will want frequent visits. 

On the flip side, if you are just looking for a mowed lawn that is edged once a week, your cost will be much less. 

Are you particular about the day of the week or even time of day you want the landscaping crew to be on-site? If so, that will come with a steeper price because the crew has to rearrange their other sites to suit you. 

Weekend or outside of office hours landscaping is generally a premium, too. Remember, the company might have to pay their employees overtime in order to service your property. 

The Condition Of Your Landscape To Date 

Finally, the last factor that will affect the price you pay for commercial landscaping is the condition of your property. 

If it has been decently maintained up to this point, you mostly require maintenance. But if your site has overgrown plants or a pest infestation, it will take extra effort and time to get the space looking optimal. 

Sometimes this initial repair is a one-time expense and not an ongoing part of your rate. 

Average Cost Of Landscaping Maintenance 

Now that you see all the factors that impact cost, let's look at how to compare bids from landscaping companies. When bids are general, you might not be comparing apples to apples. 

Ask for specific details on your bids. You want to know the type of mulch supplied, the spacing between annuals, when they are planted, and how often the grass will be mowed. 

Ideally, you want to collect a handful of bids so you can compare costs. You might find that one bid is extremely high and another is very low. Ignore both of those. 

Focus your attention on looking at the bids that have similar pricing within a variable of 3-5%. Then, look at each of those landscaping companies to compare experience, equipment, and personnel. 

Pristine Commercial Landscaping 

Now you know what factors impact the price of commercial landscaping. We hope this information allows you to make an informed decision for your property landscaping needs

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