Build a Garage Gym Like A Pro

how to build a garage gym like a pro home gyms workout space

With the advent of the recent global change and the rules that have been implemented towards it, regarding lockdowns and quarantines, people can get restless. We are creatures of habit and social activity, and when we lack such fundamental things, it can be quite frustrating not having the freedom of movement, like we are used to, especially for many of us health buffs, our routines have been broken when our gyms and leisure centres got closed down. How is anyone supposed to do anything about that when it's not in our hands? 

We will tell you how – you can build your own! For anyone who has ever watched the iconic 1989 movie ‘Field of Dreams’ will remember the much-used quote “build it and it will come”! 

What we're saying is that if you can’t go to the gym, bring the gym to you…or make one in your garage. This article will cover a few essentials that you will need to create an amazing home gym, that you (and your friends and family) can use regularly, who says you need to go to the gym and pay those insatiable monthly fees, to work out on a piece of equipment that you can afford to kit out in the comfort of your own home yourself? The list of advantages to owning a home gym is endless, some of which you can find on this blog post here

Basic Equipment For A Garage Gym 

If your given lemons… we are the habit of taking adversity and making it into a good thing. One of these ‘good things’ that we want to share is the fact that your fitness routine does not have to stop any day soon. The miraculous invention of garage gyms has taken over numerous houses over the past two decades and the popularity has been steadily increasing. People have been building their house to include space for gyms, and leisure activity rooms so they do not have to go out to them anymore and makes for a better investment in the long run. 

You’ve decided on your budget and you’ve got your ‘eager-beaver’ hat on. Now you just need to decide what basic equipment to get and enough to help you do a full circuit that works every part of the body. Some equipment tips can be found online, while others are included.

You can start with these basic items and gradually work your way up to a slightly more tailored circuit. 

Both Sides Up (BOSU) Trainer 

A great way to introduce a multipurpose tool in the four walls. It helps you work your core by pushing your balance and stability, plus you can do burpees with them too. Plus, if you get one of these you don’t need to wait your turn at the gym! 

garage gym exercise equipment bosu ball both sides up workout


It goes without saying that without these, there would be no home gym. These are the be-all and end-all of any work out whether they are 5 kg ones or 50 kg ones. They are a must to have. Get a pair of adjustable ones so you don’t need to buy different ones. 

Cardio Machine 

Pick at least one cardio machine to work on, and garage gyms are the ultimate place for these helpful types of machinery, you won’t disturb anyone with any noise and you can move freely. Whatever you feel fits your fitness and workout preferences the best. Getting some cardio work out is very important in any fitness routine. 

There is nothing quite like a good cardio workout, even for days where you do not feel like doing anything else, just doing some cardio will be worth it. 

These would include any (or all) of the below machines: 

• Stationary bikes 
• Elliptical machines 
• Treadmills 
• Rowing machines 
• Stair climbers 
• A Walking Pad 

Jump Rope 

Also, another very good way to get some cardio in, if you can’t afford any of the other machines. You can burn up to 100 calories in just over 10 minutes! This is the quickest and easiest, not to mention the simplest way to get a workout – plus, it’s fun! 

Pull-Up Bar 

If you’re a fan of the Johnny Bravo character that we once watched as kids, and want to look like him with the bulked-up torso, this piece of equipment will help you get there (along with weights). Various pullups and chinups help work on the top part of the body, to build muscle and definition and can fit in any door frame, away from anything.

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