How to Find a Doctor Who Accepts Workers' Compensation

how to find doctors who accept workers' compensation

Some jobs may present more risks for injury than others, but the fact is, all work environments come with their own challenges. For instance, poor mental health is often invisible; however, it can significantly impact your life in a negative way.

Workers' compensation is there to cover all necessary and reasonable medical treatment pertaining to any work-related illness or injury, provided you won't sue your employer for negligence. To enjoy these benefits, you need to make sure you work with doctors who accept workers' compensation.

Your doctor's role is crucial not only in treating your injury, but also in giving their professional opinion that may determine how much you receive with your workers' comp.

Therefore, it is essential to find a trustworthy doctor who will accept workers' comp. This article will tell you all you need to know about it, so read on!

State Rules

Depending on your state, the rules for benefiting from workers' compensation may vary. What's more, if you ignore your state's rules, the insurance company may not accept your workers' comp claim.

Generally speaking, there are three different cases for choosing a workers' comp doctor.

First, you have to choose from a list of doctors provided by your employer. Second, you can choose any authorized doctor. Lastly, your employer picks the doctor that's going to treat you.

1. Using a Provider Plan

In quite a few states, employers can design a preferred provider plan or network. It allows them to reduce costs and have more control over workers' comp cases.

They provide employees with a list of approved doctors and specialists, and rules to follow in order to get medical treatment.

2. Choosing Your Doctor

Other states such as New York and Texas allow you to choose your own doctor, provided your employer doesn't already have a medical plan in place.

However, you still have to choose from a list of doctors approved by the state to treat workers' comp injuries. This list should allow you to find a workers comp chiropractor, as well as any other specialist required.

States may also have special rules, such as notifying your employer of your intentions for medical treatment before any injuries occur.

3. Your Employer Chooses for You

In this case, you have to follow your employer's recommendation for a treating doctor. Rules may vary; however, some states only ask you to see the recommended doctor at first, allowing you to subsequently change physicians.

Due to a potential conflict of interest, being worried about a company-chosen doctor giving you the best treatment can be a legitimate concern. You may be able to see another doctor if you feel this is the case, but you must ensure to follow your state's rules for changing workers' compensation doctors.

Find Doctors Who Accept Workers' Compensation

Knowing the rules of your state is essential to find doctors who accept workers' compensation. It could save you the trouble of getting stuck with hefty medical bills.

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