How To Pay Less For A Root Canal

how to pay less for a root canal cost dental work

Kaveh Kanani DDS is one of the best dentists in Tarzana. One of the services he offers is a root canal treatment. 

There are about 15 million root canals done every year in America alone. Though the pain is what scares most people about getting a root canal, the cost might be equally frightening. 

A root canal procedure is one of the more expensive procedures in dentistry. A molar root canal can cost as much as $2,000. 

There is much you can do to reduce that number. The following tips should help you pay less for a root canal: 

Get Insurance To Pay For It 

Dental health insurance is one of the most sought-after job benefits in America for a reason. Dental care is quite expensive and keeps getting dearer every year. 

You should ensure that your dental insurance policy covers root canals before filing a claim. If it does not, you will have to pay for the procedure out of pocket. 

You should also ensure that you still have not surpassed your expenditure limit. Getting insurance for a root canal is likely to have a longer waiting period than other procedures. 

Be sure to call your insurance agent to find out exactly what your policy covers. 

Find A Discount 

A dentist practice is a business and like other businesses, they also offer discounts. If you can get a dental discount plan, you can pay significantly less for a root canal. 

You should first make sure that the dentist is qualified before rushing for the discount or else a quack may be taking advantage of you. The latter can have very solemn consequences. 

Find out if your discount is in the form of cashback or reduced payment. Some dentists may also offer payment plans. 


It is not the norm to haggle at the dentist’s office but you may be surprised at what good negotiation skills can get you. There are great deals to be had everywhere it is just that most of us never ask for them. 

If you find a dentist who is willing to negotiate, you should use your negotiation skills to get the price reduced as much as possible. You may even negotiate for other favors, for example, a complementary procedure. 

Do not be obnoxious if a dentist is not willing to negotiate. Just walk away and find another one who is. 

Look Around 

The best way to pay less for a root canal is to find out who is willing to take less. Before you decide on a dentist, ensure you compare the prices of several offices. 

You will not only be able to establish what the average price of the root canal is but you will also know which option saves you the most amount of money. 

When doing your research, ask about all the dental costs that may be associated with the root canal procedure. Otherwise, you may end up paying a lot more than you thought you would which may force you to take on debt.

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