5 Tips for Local Business SEO Strategies

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Did you know that nearly 80 percent of consumers search for local businesses online?

This might not come as a surprise, as chances are that you've probably googled something like "sushi restaurants near me" or "touristic attractions near me" before.

However, as a business owner, are you doing everything you can to improve your local SEO? Is your online presence optimized for potential customers in your area to easily find you?

If not, today's article on local search engine optimization is for you. Discover five essential local business SEO tips!

1. Create (and Optimize) a Google My Business Account

By creating a Google My Business account and making sure to complete it with all your updated business details (including website, phone number, address, and email), you'll gain more visibility in Google's SERPs and, hopefully, rank higher on Google Maps.

To optimize your account:

  • Reply to reviews, including your location and business name in your comment
  • Choose an accurate and relevant category
  • Make sure your details are consistent online

2. Encourage Happy Customers to Post Reviews Online

Once you have a complete and optimized Google My Business account, it's time to do what you can in order to get more Google reviews from your happy customers.

After all, consumers are a lot more likely to invest in a certain product or service once they see that other people have had a positive experience with it!

To encourage your customers to leave a review, remember to:

  • Directly ask for a review once you close a sale
  • Reward consumers who leave a review
  • Send follow-up emails after someone buys one of your products or services

3. Create Location Pages for Your Website

This tip is particularly important if your business has more than one location.

Without ever duplicating content, create one page for each location, including not only the address and phone number, but also specific information like your schedule, parking information, customer testimonials, and active promotions.

4. Publish Local Content

If you have a business blog, publishing local content is an easy, yet effective way of improving your local SEO.

This can be as simple as publishing posts about local news that are relevant to your business and industry.

Otherwise, you can look for local keywords and include them in the type of article you've already been writing. As an example, if you were a plumber in NYC, instead of writing a piece called "How to find a good plumber", you could go for "How to find a good plumber in NYC".

5. Use Online Business Directories

We've all used Yelp, Foursquare, or Reddit to find products or services in our location and, as a business owner, that's an opportunity you can't miss.

Make sure to create listings in online business directories, both general and industry-specific, and make sure to include:

  • Updated name, address, and contact details
  • A brief business description including local keywords
  • Links to your website and social media pages

The Importance of Local Business SEO

Local business SEO is now more important than ever and, by implementing the tips we listed today, you can successfully improve your local rankings and help people in your area find your store online.

If you enjoyed this article and you'd like to read more about digital marketing, keep exploring our blog! Visit the SEO, Marketing, and Blogger Outreach sections for more local business search engine optimization strategies.

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