5 Tricks To Achieve Mold Free Living Space

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The presence of molds in your house means an unhealthy living space. Mold can lead to various health problems and degrade the value of your property. 

Molds need to be terminated immediately, and if your home is having early signs of molds, you need to go for quick action to remove these mold growth. 

What Is Mold? 

Mold is a fungus that rapidly grows in an area by releasing harmful spores into the surroundings. They quickly spread to humid areas or places that have poor ventilation. 

Most of the time, these molds love to grow in a place where high moistures are present. It includes bathrooms, kitchens, and attics, where humidity is higher compared to other areas of your property. 

These molds prefer to live in a dark environment where sunlight is not passing every day. That is why you can see mold formation in areas like garages and windowless bathrooms. 

Common Types Of Molds 

Molds come in various shapes and sizes. More than ten thousand molds are spread in our environment. Some molds are suitable, while others are harmful, which can lead to allergies. Below are the three most common types of molds that can harm your health and wellness: 

Black Molds 

Black molds are one of the most common types of molds that appear in our home. These molds are slimy and produce a black color. It is usually found in organic stuff such as wood and cardboard. Black molds are also known as toxic molds. That is because it releases harmful spores that can harm our respiratory system. Once you inhale these black spores, you might experience difficulty breathing, headaches, continuous coughing, and depression. 

Pink Molds 

Pink molds usually appear in bathroom areas, especially in showerheads, tiles, and ceilings. You can quickly identify the molds because it appears slimy with pink colors. Often, pink molds are harmless, but it can easily irritate your eyes and open wounds once you get direct contact with it. 


Ulocladium molds are also black. It is a type of mold found in kitchen and basement areas with high levels of moisture or where there has been pipe water leakage. These molds are also harmful because they can irritate skin and cause problems in breathing. 

5 Tips To Achieve A Mold Free Living Space 

Below are the five useful tips you need to do to achieve a mold-free living space: 

1. Repair Any Possible Water Leaks 

Molds love to stay and multiply in humid and damp areas. So, we strongly recommend that you need to repair any possible water leaks in your house. Prioritize the areas of bathroom and kitchen because these places are prone to water leaks. 

2. Purchase Dehumidifier In Your House 

A low humid area means no accumulation of molds. We strongly suggest that you purchase a dehumidifier to lower the humidity level of your living space. 

3. Install Exhaust Fans In Kitchen And Bathroom 

Installing exhaust fans remove untreated air from your living space. Make sure to include an airconditioning unit to improve the quality of air in your property. 

4. Use Antimicrobial Spray To Affected Areas 

Use mold antimicrobial spray on areas where a high percentage of moisture is available to prevent molds from coming back. 

5. Call Mold Removal Experts 

If you want a permanent and long term solution against mold problems, we recommend that to call mold removal experts. They will professionally handle everything and bring back your property in its pristine condition. 

Minimize Mold

Mold is no minor issue and should taken care of quickly. If you want to know more about the latest treatments and prevention strategies for molds, you may visit mold removal Monmouth County.

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