4 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Botox

common myths misconceptions about botox

A substantial portion of the population of Fort Worth, Texas, has undergone some Botox at some point in their lives. However, Fort Worth Botox is surrounded by many false claims and statements that have influenced how Botox is seen. 

When you talk to someone about cosmetic procedures, Botox will certainly arise in the midst of the conversation. On the other hand, what they say about the topic will most likely be false. 

Before getting Botox, you should apprise yourself of the facts about the procedure. The following are some of the common myths and misconceptions you will hear about Botox: 

Botox Is Toxic 

One of the most prevalent yet false statements about Botox is that it is not safe for the body. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The active ingredient used in Botox procedures is extracted from a naturally occurring chemical. The chemical has been shown to have minimal side effects even after several treatments were conducted over a number of years. 

Furthermore, Botox has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use for the better part of two decades. However, there are risks associated with all types of medical procedures, even cosmetic ones such as Botox. 

You Will Only Have One Facial Expression

Another common myth about Botox is that it will freeze your face and limit you to only one facial expression. If that were the case, the vast number of Hollywood actors who have undergone Botox procedures would be out of work. 

Botox injections may freeze your face only for a few hours after the procedure. If the procedure is done correctly, you should wake up the next morning with your full repertoire of facial expressions. 

You Can Only Get Botox Once You Have Wrinkles 

Most people search for facial rejuvenation treatments once they consistently start seeing wrinkles in the mirror. Botox is one of the preferred methods of facial rejuvenation for most people. 

Botox can be used to eradicate the wrinkles from the face caused by years of repetitive motion. However, you can get Botox even before your skin gets wrinkly. 

The time in your life when you start undergoing Botox procedures is an intensely personal choice. The point is that you do not have to be a wrinkled old person to start rejuvenating your skin and restore your youth. 

You Cannot Stop Getting Botox Injections Once You Start 

The image most people have of someone who used to get Botox injections and stopped is of a disfigured face. The concern is largely unwarranted and uninformed. 

After you stop getting Botox procedures, your face will simply go back to normal. Unfortunately, the rejuvenating effects of the Botox treatment might leave you looking worse by contrast. It is particularly so if you stop your Botox treatment after a single session. 

Botox only reduces the effects that natural aging processes have on your skin. Therefore, when you secede to stop undergoing Botox treatments, your skin’s full age will show. 

That does not mean that you will become hideous and disfigured in the least from Botox treatments.

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