5 Helpful Tips to Finding the Perfect Gym

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Around 45 million American adults have a gym membership. Learning certain tips will make the gym selection process go much smoother for you. 

A huge 80 percent of Americans who have a gym membership don't use it. Many times, these inactive memberships occur when people choose the wrong gym. 

The right gym will motivate you to work out more. You'll look forward to going to the gym more instead of hesitating about it. 

Here are five brilliant gym-finding tips: 

1. Stay Local 

Choose a gym that's located within 15 minutes of your residence. Even people with the best intentions and motivation struggle more with going to the gym when it's further away. 

Better yet, use Google Maps to locate all of the fitness centers within a five-mile radius. This gives you the most local options, but then, you must narrow them down based on the following: 

2. Must-Have Features 

Knowing how to find a gym means listing crucial features in advance. Which special features are you looking for? For instance, if you do water exercises, you'll need to find a gym with a pool. 

Always research a gym's features before committing to a contract. One gym's contract might be cheaper, but there's a good chance it doesn't offer as many special features as other gyms. 

If lifting weights is important to your regimen, visit the weight section before signing up. It'll give you a better idea of how well-stocked their weight-lifting area is. It'll also clue you in on the following: 

3. Assess Gym Cleanliness 

A clean gym is a happy gym. Also, since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, finding a gym that values cleanliness is more important than ever. 

Visiting the gym gives you insight into how clean it is. Even better, go during the hours you would normally attend/be working out. That way, you'll see how sanitary the gym actually is. 

The best gyms hire a professional gym cleaning company to keep the establishment sanitary. Feel free to learn more about what quality gym-cleaning services look like in our Frugal Fitness section. 

4. Read Reviews 

One of the best tips for finding a gym is simple: read the reviews! This includes good reviews and bad reviews. All it takes is downloading Yelp and doing your homework from there. 

Always pay careful attention to bad reviews. When multiple bad reviews reflect the same experience, they're revealing a concerning pattern. Acknowledging them could save you from a bad gym experience. But also take individual reviews with a grain of salt.

While you're reading reviews, look out for insights regarding the following tip: 

5. Pay Attention to the Culture 

Be on the lookout for complaints about a toxic gym culture or environment on Yelp and social media. There's no point in going to a gym that's going to make you feel bad about yourself. 

Certain gyms are more friendly and welcoming than others. Some gyms cater to serious athletes and bodybuilders while others are popular with more casual gym-goers. 

Get Strong and Healthy at the Gym 

Americans acquire 12 percent of new gym memberships during January. Nonetheless, any time is a good time to join your ideal gym. 

Half of all gym-goers keep attending because they prefer the location. It's even more of a reason to check your local area for affordable gyms

Strengthen your body and mind—read our frugal fitness articles. It'll benefit your workout routine big time.

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