Marketing Tips for Creative Concert Promotion

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Over half the people in the U.S. are attending at least one live music event every year. When you're in the live music business, that means there is a whole lot of opportunity out there. Like so many things, though, it's a matter of going out and getting it. 

To make the most out of your potential for ticket sales, proper concert promotion is crucial. By planning out and executing a successful campaign across multiple platforms, you'll be increasing your reach and maximizing your ticket sales. 

Want to learn the best methods of show promotion? You're in the right place. Read on to learn the best marketing tips for concert promotion. 

Stay on Budget 

Before you begin your concert promotion, you'll need to decide on a realistic budget. It can be quite easy to overspend, so settle on a number and stick to it. 

If you need a better idea of what you'll be spending, then create a spreadsheet of different media and concert promotion options. If possible, learn the return/reach and include that in your data. 

Know Your Audience 

Whether you're throwing a benefit concert, virtual concert, or traditional live concert, one thing should remain constant: you should know who your audience is. By knowing what their preferred platforms are, and what type of concert promotion would grab their attention, you can plan your strategy accordingly. 

For example, if you know that the live entertainment in your concert tends to draw an older crowd, then you might consider Facebook marketing or even an ad in the newspaper. On the other hand, if your entertainment has a younger draw, then you might be better off passing out flyers at venues or planning out an Instagram campaign. 

Choose Different Media Avenues 

To get the most out of your concert promotion, you should try to spread your campaign out across multiple media channels. For example, you can create print ads and posters to post in your city, but you might also consider promoted email and social media ads as well. 

Don't Skimp Out on Concert Promotion 

You'll never sell tickets to a live concert that no one knows about. That's why it's best to invest as much as you can into your concert promotion. More often than not, the return will be worth it. 

Give Yourself Time to Plan 

There are so many things that go into concert promotion, and you'll want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare (and execute) your campaign. 

Not to mention the fact that most people have their calendars planned out in advance. If you're looking to score a spot on their schedule, then you have to give plenty of notice. That way, when they come across your event, no schedule conflicts will stand in the way of them purchasing tickets. 

Want to know what happens when you don't give yourself enough time to plan for your concert? Look no further than the recent dumpster fire that was the Fyre Festival.

Promoting Your Live Show 

Anyone can throw a hugely successful show, but it takes the right promotion strategy to do it. Now that you know the best tips for concert promotion, you'll be prepared to sell out your next live event.

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